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Natural Insect Repellent for Babycot/ Kids using Beeswax Malaysia

Natural Insect Repellent Beeswax

Its raining like every single day down here in KL and though its awesome and it takes the heat away, mosquito from all around is coming to bite us:-( The worst is for my baby girl who is 9 months old and i just can't stand the smell of mosquito spray and the ready made repellents. So instead i decided to make my own repellent. Enjoy this tutorial:-)

Setiap hari hujan kat KL ni. memang la best tapi masalahnya punyala banyak nyamuk! Takut dengan denggi lagi. Masalahnya, nyamuk ni suka sangat serang baby i yang berumur 9 bulan tu. Dan saya kurang gemar menggunakan spray nyamuk ataupun rub yang ada. So tutorial hari ini adalah untuk sesiapa yang ingin membuat natural insect repellent.

What is it and How to Use
This is an insect/ mosquito repellent using essential oils and beeswax. You can hang it in places near you like baby cot, or kitchen etc to scare insects away. If you use the cocoa butter as this recipe, you can also use it like a solid lotion and rub it on your skin to avoid mosquito.

Apa Ini dan Bagaimana Menggunakannya?
Ini adalah penghalau serangga atau nyamuk menggunakan essential oil dan beeswax. Anda boleh menggantungkannya dimana sahaja anda berada seperti di dapur, ruang tamu, baby cot etc. Jika anda menggunakan resipi seperti ini dan menggunakan cocoa butter, anda juga boleh menggunakannya seperti losyen dan sapu diatas badan anda untuk menghalau nyamuk.


  1. 50g Cocoa Butter
  2. 50g Beeswax
  3. 6ml Rosemary Essential Oil
  4. 6mL Lemongrass Essential Oil
  5. 6mL Citronella Essential Oil
  6. 6mL French Lavender  Oil
  7. Penguin Mold
  8. Hemp Rope/ Jute Rope (optional)
  9. Drill
  10. Drill Bit
Method (Cara- Cara Membuat):
  1. Prepare Ingredients. In this i had put cocoa butter because i wanted the repellent to act as solid lotion as well. If you only want to hang it, substitute the cocoa butter to beeswax so that your penguin is harder. Sediakan bahan-bahan seperti di atas. Di dal am recipe ini says telah menggunakan cocoa butter kerana ingin menggunakan repellent ini seperti lotion. jika anda akan hanya gantung repellent ini, anda tidak perlu menggunakan cocoa butter. hanya beeswax sebanyak 100g.
  2. Mix Cocoa Butter and beeswax into heat proof container and heat it in the microwave. Campurkan cocoa butter dan beeswax dan masukkan kedalam microwave untuk memanaskannya.
  3. Once out pour in the essential oil blend and colour. If you are using two colour, separate the solution into two container after pouring in the essential oil. Selepas melebur, masukkan essential oil mix seperti di atas dan asingkannya kepada dua bahagian untuk memasukkan warns yang lain lain. Jika hanya menggunakan satu warna anda tidak perlu mengasingkannya.
  4. Mix the colour using a mini electric mixer. You can also use a spoon but you have to work fast as the beeswax will harden. Campurkannya menggunakan mini electric mixer.
  6. Pour into mold and let it set. Masukkan kedalam mild dan biarkannya mengeras.
  7. Unmold the penguin repellent. 
    Lotion Bar Mosquito Repellent Beeswax
  8. At this point of time your lotion bar is actually ready and you can use it. However, i wanted to spice it up and tried making it into a string of bar to hang on my baby's cot and stroller since we go for walk a lot in the evenings. Pada masa ini anda sudah boleh menggunakan penguin ini sebagai lotion dan sapu diatas badan baby atau anda. Namun demikian says ingin membuat supaya says boleh menggantungkannya di atlas babycot dan stroller anak saya.
  9. Get a drill if you have one. I love carpentry as a form of exercise so i had a lot of drills to play with. This is my favourite drill:-D (Free advertisement for Makita hehe. )  So anyways, depending on the thickness of your jute rope, use the drill bit thats similar in diameter. Mine was slightly thicker so i had used the drill bit number 5. Jika anda ada drill gunakkan drill. says memang suka membuat kerja pertukangan jade drill memang saya ada ban yak dan ini drill kegemaran saya. Untuk drill bit, guna ikut size jute rope anda. tali saya besar oleh itu saya menggunakan drill bit size 5.

  10. Drill into the head of the penguin. Make sure your kid is not around when you do this or they will scream their heads off! 

  11. Using your jute rope, put it into the hole you had just drill. At times its a little hard to push it so what you can do is take the beeswax that was drilled out and apply it on the tip of the rope to make it sharper, then try to insert it into the penguin's head. Masukkan tali kedalam lubang yang dibuat.

    Babycot Mosquito Repellent Beeswax

  12. Done! Hang it everywhere! it can also be used as a lotion by applying it on the skin if you had followed this recipe:-) Siap! anda boleh menggantungkannya dimana sahaja untuk menghalang nyamuk. jika ingin sapu boleh disapu keatas badan bayi atau anda. 
    Babycot Mosquito Repellent Beeswax

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