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Cold Process Soap Tutorial: How to Make Yogurt Soap

How to make yogurt Soap malaysia
Yogurt Soap

I absolutely love yogurt. Not just for drinking or eating but as face mask too. There are many other ways to incorporate yogurt into cosmetics. So todays tutorial is on how to make yogurt soap using cold process method. I actually wanted to test out how it would be with the lovely smelling honeydew melon and it turned out to be awesome!

Following are the ingredients needed with 5% lye discount:
  1. 210g of Palm Kernel Oil
  2. 210g of Coconut Oil
  3. 210g of Olive Oil
  4. 70g Castor Oil
  5. 105g NaOH
  6. 100g Water
  7. 100g Yogurt
  8. 30g Honeydew Melon Fragrance Oil
Materials Needed:
  1. Ice Cube Mould
  2. Silicone Mould 1kg Size
  3. Gloves
  4. Hand Blender
  5. Containers
  6. Utensils (Non-Aluminium based)
  7. Newspaper and cleaning materials
How to Make: (picture Heavy!)

  1. Weight your yogurt. Timbang Yogurt
    How to make yogurt Soap malaysia
  2. Add in water and mix it using a small electric mixer or spoon. Masukkan air dan bancuh menggunakan mixer ataupun sudu.
    How to make yogurt Soap malaysia
    Mix water into yogurt using Mixer
  3. add this yogurt solution into ice cube mould and freeze it for 2-3 hours. Masukkan bancuhan ini kedalam acuan ais dan masukkan kedalam fridge selama 2-3 jam sehingga mengeras.
    How to make yogurt Soap malaysia
    Pour into ice cubes
  4. While waiting prepare the other ingredients. Sementara menunggu sediakan barang-barang lain
    How to make yogurt Soap malaysia
    Prepare other ingredients
  5. This is lye/NaOH. Wear gloves at all times after this. It heats up fast so beware!. Ini adalah lye/ NaOH. Pastikan anda memakai gloves pads masa ini. Ia akan memanas dengan cepat dan amat berbahaya. Oleh itu tolong berhati-hati.
    How to make yogurt Soap malaysia
    DANGER! : Lye/NaOH/ Caustic Soda
  6. Take out the yogurt from the cube. Keluarkan yogurt daripada acuan.
    How to make yogurt Soap malaysia
    Remove Yogurt from ice cube
  7. Add in lye slowly. Masukkan lye.
    How to make yogurt Soap malaysia
    Pour Lye into Yogurt Ice cube
  8. It will melt by itself within 10 minutes. Ia akan melebur dalam masa 10 minit.

  9. Add in this lye-yogurt solution into oil
    How to make yogurt Soap malaysia
    Pour lye yogurt solution into oil
  10. Mix it using handblender until trace
    How to make yogurt Soap malaysia
    Mix using handblender
  11. Trace is when the droplets no longer sink in. Trace adalah apabila titisan tidak lagi tengelam.
    How to make yogurt Soap malaysia
    Mix until light trace is achieved
  12. Masukkan fragrance dan pewarna
    How to make yogurt Soap malaysia
    Pour in Fragrance
  13. I like the soap to be thick because i want to make a rustic design so I'm mixing it more with handblender. if you do not want it to be thick you can mix using spoon and add it into mould. Saya suka sabun saya untuk menjadi pekat kerana ingin membuat design. Jika and tidak mahu anda boleh memasukkannya kedalam acuan pada masa ini.

  14. Add into Mould and tap it slightly to even it out. Masukkan kedalam acuan dan hentak beberapa kali untuk meratakannya
    How to make yogurt Soap malaysia
    Pour into Mould
  15. Scoop up the top of soap to make design using spoon. Buat design menggunakan sudu. 
    How to make yogurt Soap malaysia
    Make design on the top surface using spoon. Just scoop it up randomly
  16. How to make yogurt Soap malaysia
    Yogurt Soap left to cure for 4-6 weeks
  17. Leave it to harden the next 24-48 hours and cut. Let it harden and cure further for 4-6 week

If you purchase the following soap kit, you will be making only 700g of soap. Instructions on how to make will be provided.

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