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Converting Percentage to weight in Soap & Cosmetic Making

'How do i convert soap/cosmetic recipe into something i can weigh?' That is probably the most asked question by any soaper newbie. If you are new to soapmaking, you will realize that most of the recipe gives you percentage rather than weight. 
Now unlike food recipe, soapmaking and cosmetic making requires you to weight everything. This includes water ( yes water density should give you same weight and volume measurement but because of our eye error, we will probably make mistake when measuring small amount so its better to use weight as your measurement for water as well).
So how do we convert percentage to weight? Simple:
Lets say we are making 1000g (1kg) oil mixture for soap. Using the basic recipe we in soap lab use for soap. Your soap will need: 
30% olive oil
30% palm kernel oil
30% coconut oil 
10% castor oil. 

So if lets say you need 1000g of oil; to convert:
(30/100) x 1000= 300g of olive oil

Same goes for castor oil:
(10/100) x 1000 = 100g of castor oil.

So just to make sure you are doing it correctly add up all and you will get a total of 1000g oil mixture. 

Hope this helps:) 

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