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How to Make: Cold Foot Cream For The Oldies

Bagaimana Membuat Krim Kaki Sejuk dirumah
Homemade Cold Foot Cream

Hi all, todays tutorial is on how to make cold foot cream. Tutorial pada hari ini adalah untuk membuat Krim Kaki Sejuk.

Why cold? Well i had extra menthol and since the oldies around me are always complaining about foot pain, and they refuse to use those basic painkiller methyl salicylate creams (it stinks can't blame them!) i decided to make a cold foot cream for them (of course with nicer scent and packaging:)
Mengapa sejuk? Mulanya kerana saya mempunyai lebihan menthol cystal oleh itu I nak membuat krim kaki untuk 'orang-orang tua' kat rumah saya (mak dan aunties). Lebihan lagi mereka ini suka sangat complain kaki mereka sakit. Tapi tak suka menggunakan minyak urut kerana bau yang kurang best. Oleh itu i membuat krim ini menggunakan fragrance yang mereka suka dan warna pun cantik:-)

So anyways, we in Soap Lab have decided to create more bases for those who wants to make handmade cosmetics quickly or to add more product lines to their existing line. It will be all unscented and uncoloured so you can customise them however you want.

So anyways, today tutorial you will need:

  1. 500g Shea Olive Cream Base (Thick Cream)
  2. 3 x 150ml Jars
  3. Color as desired
  4. Fragrance/ Essential Oil as desired
  5. Menthol Crystal 50g
  6. 5g DMDM Hydantoin 
  7. Label ( you can download here for free)
Make sure you read our good manufacturing article here before starting to make sure your product is in its cleanest condition possible.
Pastikan anda membaca Good manufacturing practice di sini sebelum membuat product ini untuk memastikan product anda bersih dan tiada kuman.

  1. Prepare your ingredients, containers and equipments. Make sure its sterilised. Sediakan bahan-bahan
  2. Heat up the cream base in the microwave slightly (about 30 seconds). it will be the consistency of milk shake. Do not melt too much as it will deactivate the current preservative system. Click here to find out why preservatives are important. Panaskan cream base didalam microwave. Pastikan is tidak menjadi terlalu panas atau pengawet didalam krim akan kurang aktif dan anda akan perlu memasukkan lebih pengawet.
    Melted Cream Base
  3. Melt the menthol crystal in the microwave (about 30 seconds). it will be watery.  Panaskan mentol didalam microwave selama 30 saat. Ia akan melebur.
    Menthol Di Malaysia
    Menthol Crystal 
  4. Add the menthol crystal, fragrance and colour into the cream base and mix. If you have a egg beater use that as it will make the cream more fluffy. Masukkan mentol, pewangi dan warna kedalam base yang dipanaskan tadi. 
    Pewangi Badan di Malaysia
    Add in Fragrance Oil
  5. Let it cool down slightly. If you had melted the cream base too much it will be advisable to add in more preservatives (DMDM Hydantoin) if needed. Biarkan ia menyejuk seketika dan masukkan pengawet jika perlu.
  6. Pour into container jars and seal once its cooled down. Masukkan kedalam container dan tutup selapas krim menyejuk
    Bagaimana Membuat Krim Kaki Sejuk dirumah
    Ready Made Foot Cream waiting to cool down
  7. Done! Siap!
    Bagaimana Membuat Krim Kaki Sejuk dirumah

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