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Facial Cleansing Balm- Makeup Remover (HOW TO MAKE?)

How to Make Handmade Make Up Remover
Facial Cleansing Balm
Hi all,
I badly needed a make up remover and had this idea of using my coconut-castor liquid paste to make it. I needed something that was cleansing without actually using all those harsh surfactants and wanted to see if the Coconut-Castor paste that contains more cleansing properties than the castile liquid paste would be as good as store bought make up remover. The verdict? It was awesome!

In this balm i had included mango butter and sesame oil. Mango butter is awesome for super oily skin as it gives a drier and light feeling. Sesame oil has low comedogenicity so its great for skin thats prone to break out, as well as is anti-inflammatory and anti bacterial. Perfect for acne prone skin as mine.

I had also included kaolin clay because i wanted to have the bulking agent. apart from that kaolin is also good for exfoliating dead skins.

As for the Essential oil i had used sweet patchouli because its just so awesome smelling. Im the type of person who needs things to be colourful so i added few drop of our handmade Bubblegum pink liquid Pigment.

The Ingredients:

  1. 100g Liquid Paste ( High Cleansing, High Bubble Coconut- Castor Paste)
  2. 60g Sesame Oil
  3. 40g Shea Butter
  4. 20g Kaolin Clay
  5. few drops Sweet Patchouli EO
  6. Few Drops Bubblegum Pink Liquid Pigment
How To Use
Rub the balm on your face, add a little water and message to skin. Remove after messaging with water. If make up is still on, remove makeup with cotton first before rinsing with water. Continue cleansing face with facial cleanser.

How To Make:
  1. Measure all ingredients
  2. Melt Soap Paste, Shea Butter, and Sesame Oil in microwave using 30 seconds burst
  3. Mix Kaolin Clay into oil mixture
  4. Add Essential Oil
  5. Mix with a whisk
  6. Add Color (Optional)
  7. Done!
    How to Make Handmade Make Up Remover
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  1. For combination skin type, what oil should I use?

    1. hi for oily to norm skin usually jojoba is the best

  2. How if I do not have a microwave?


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