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Breast Milk Lotion -How To Make

Finally! After experimenting for weeks I've finally found a solution for breastmilk lotion. Many have asked me if there was any such kit that would create a stable breast milk lotion and truthfully, nothing could. At least not from scratch.
Breast Milk Lotion Malaysia

The reason is because you will be incorporating fresh breastmilk into your skin care product and unfortunately because its fresh, it will go bad noticeably in 3 months. However, as mentioned in this post, our naked human eye can't really see molds and bacteria. Not really until it would have been multiplied by millions (which is usually 3-6 months), so if you really want to use your breastmilk in cosmetic product safely, you can only use it 1 day in room temperature (think about your fresh milk in room temperature, would you give your baby to drink after even 6 hours? you know it gets sour!, and thats what happens when you put into the cosmetic products too!) If you put in the fridge, you might be able to use it for 7-12 days.

But why in soap its ok to use breastmilk but not in lotion?
In soap the pH of soap is high, therefore it is not a favourable environment for Molds and Bacteria to survive. Also, you mix BM with lye (PH14). if there was any mold or bacteria during this time, the moment it gets in contact with lye, they would be destroyed. Its not the same in lotion/creams as the ph is at 5-7 at all times.

So now for mummies, you have got two solution. If you want to make lotions on your own, you can get this kit from soap lab and make it on your own (replace the distilled water part with BM). However bare in mind that it is not safe to use this lotion after 7 days in the fridge regardless you put preservative or not. So you have to make fresh ones every week.

A second alternative would be to purchase the ready made Cream Base, add 1:1 ratio of it and make them every weekly.

How? Follow the tutorial below.
*Before attempting to make Breastmilk related cosmetics, Read here first. URGENT!


  1. 1 tablespoon of Shea-Olive Thick Cream Base (Click to find out ingredients)
  2. 2 tablespoon of Breastmilk (you can add more if you want the lotion to be thinner consistency)
  3. Mixer
  4. Fragrance/ Essential Of Choice (Optional)
How To Make:
  1. Before you start make sure everything is sterilise. Check out this post on how to prepare 
  2. Prepare ingredients
    Breastmilk lotion Malaysia (How to make)
  3. Add milk to the cream base. You can also add essential oil (optional)
    Breastmilk lotion Malaysia (How to make)
  4. Mix using our electric mixer, or mix with spoon
    Breastmilk lotion Malaysia (How to make)
Breast Milk Lotion Malaysia

How to adjust recipe:

For body: Use 1 tbs Cream base, 3 tbs BM
For nappy rash: Use as recipe indicated.
For thin consistency body lotion: Use 1 tbs Cream Base, 4 tbs BM

P/S: Make sure discard all un-use BM Cream/ Lotion in 2 weeks. Make a fresh batch every week. 

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