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Fresh Papaya + Coconut Face Mask (Pina Colada Face Mask): How To Make

Face Mask Handmade Malaysia
Pineapple Coconut Face Mask
Tutorial today is to make face mask using kaolin clay. Super easy and feels nice too. I haven't gone for holiday so long that I'm missing the coconut and pineapple juice by the beach (yes that includes pina colada!) so todays tutorial is based on what i miss. Since i badly needed a facial, this is what i did.


  1. Kaolin Clay 30g
  2. Pineapple Powder 30g- Dry fresh pineapple, make it into powder
  3. Coconut Powder 30g- Get the 'santan' powder
  4. Pina Coloda Fragrance Oil (10 drops)
  5. Sesame Oil 10g- Good for acne prone skin, and super moisturising
How to Make:

  1. Prepare all ingredients
    Prepare Ingredients
  2. Mix the powders together
  3. Add fragrance Oil
    Add Fragrance Oil
  4. Add Sesame Oil
    Add Sesame Oil
  5. Mix
  6. Done

To Use:

Scoop out one spoon of this mixture whenever you need it, add water about one spoon. Mix and put it on your face as mask for 30 minutes. It will definitely remind you of your last beach holiday. Nyum nyum taste that good too!
Make sure you use all powder when mixing so that you can keep it for a long time. If you introduce any liquid to the powders, your mask will have a shelf life of 1 day only. 

Hope you like this:-)
In this kit below you will be able to make 600g-700g of face mask:

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  1. Hi, How long does this last after mixed? (without water activation)

  2. Hi it usually depends on the expiry of ur ingredients. Like the coconut powde, or fragrance. Since using fresh pineapple, make sure its really dried. But the best will be to use it within 3 months.


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