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How to dilute Pigment or Mica Powder?

In Soap Lab we have got a variety of colours for cosmetic making. They are all safe to be used on skin and are wonderful additive to your handmade cosmetics be it in soap, bath bomb, liquid wash, lotion, or you can even make mineral makeup with these colours!

One of the most common question we have is on how to dilute these powders. You can always use them as is and add the powder into your cosmetics. However, many times the powder sort of become clumpy due to our humid weather and its kind of difficult to mix them.
To prevent this from happening and if you want your cosmetics not to have those tiny dots of colour powder, this is the easiest way to mix them.

Many asked if we could mix it with water. Some could but most of the powders are insoluble in water. Instead, use either glycerin or any carrier oil to dilute it. I prefer to use glycerin as its transparent and clear so it doesn't effect the final colour of the powders. But if you don't have glycerine, you can always replace with any carrier oil thats light and almost clear in appearance. We find Palm Oil, Palm Kernel Oil and castor oil to be the clearest so far. you can always use any other oil but just remember that your oil colour will effect the final appearance of the powder as well.

Below is on how to mix it for one time use. Im using this for our Ginger + Poppy Seed Hot Process Soap tutorial. This was for 1kg mould.


  1. 1 teaspoon of Powder (in this I'm using Red Rose)
  2. 1 Teaspoon of glycerin (or any carrier oil)
How to make:
  1. Measure out the powder and glycerin in a bowl
  2. Mix it using a mini hand mixer or by spoon

you can always increase or reduce the colour powder depending on the final amount you want to achieve.
I usually make this whole batch of pigments diluted and keep it and use accordingly when i need it. To Safe you from the hassle of mixing every time you want to use it, i suggest you do it too:-)

If you are looking to see what kind of pigments do we sell, click here.

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  1. Is it possible to dilute the pigment with glycerin and then keep the liquid colourant in a bottle for future use? Or do I need preservatives in order to do that?

  2. Hi darius. Yes you can. Thts wht we do here in soaplab:) no preservatives needed:)

  3. hi.. I want to make a bath bomb.. the basic ingredients are baking soda+citric acid+foodcoloring with a little water.. my question is, can I add some glycerin to it to make it soapy?

  4. Hi Emy. glycerin is not a soap. to make it soapy usually SLS is added.

  5. dari segi kualiti warna, serbuk atau liquid mana lebih cantik ye? atau sama je?

  6. If I were to make eyeshadows out of these powders, is it possible and safe?

  7. Fatfab- same je kualitinya:-0
    Peperonigrateful- hi yes our colors are meant to be made into any mineral makeup:-0

  8. Is there anyway to dilute the mica since it is staining a bit ???

  9. Lauren if you dont want it to stain you will have to dilute it more or put lesser. if you are talking about for eyes shadow example, you cant use it pure on face as it will stain, therefore you will have to add filller like tinatium dioxide or kaolin clay and only a little color so that it doesnt stain.

  10. Hi, can I mix the color to create another color? for example, mixing red and yellow to create orange? Does mica work that way? (I mean for both liquid and powder) Thanks!

  11. Hi, can mica diluted with glycerin & use for lipbalm?

  12. Hi, mica boleh ke dilute terus dalam soap base yg dah dicairkan?

  13. Hi aida. Boleh tapi takut bergumpal. its like masak. selalunya tepung macam tepung kanji tu kan kita akan dilite sedikit dulu? u boleh buat begitu:-)


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