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How to Make Baby Bottle Dishwasher?


Hi all. Im truly sorry for the lack of updates on my blog recently. Im expecting my second baby and am in such a tired mood. everything is so tiring! Cant wait for my second trimester to start:-)

Anyways, I've had numerous enquiries on what to do if they had extra soap / lye heavy soap (when they miscalculate the lye when making cold process soap).

Well first of all, you can always avoid the lye heavy soap by avoiding manual calculation (how ever proper you calculate, you will make mistake sometimes) and to use our ready made free soap calculator here. its easy and since its excel generated, its definitely more accurate in calculating with no human error:-)

So anyways, back to the lye heavy soap. Don't throw them! what you can do is you can turn it into a dishwasher. Its especially good for those who are allergic to dishwasher (a condition called contact dermatitis). You can do as follow:
1) Shave/ Grate your soap once its cured. Make it as fine powder as you can. (about half cup)
2) Add 2 tablespoon of distilled water, few drops of essential oil/ Fragrance. I especially love citrus flavours in my dishwasher
3) Done! You have your very own dishwasher!!

If you have a olive oil heavy soap, you will have to add more water to dilute it. Also olive oil soap are especially good for those silicone type of products like the baby bottles and teats.

Hope you guys try it out:-)
Till next time..


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