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Lip Safe Colour (Natural Pigments and Mica) Malaysia

Lip Colour malaysia Mica and Pigments

Hi all,
today i would like to introduce your guys to our new colours thats specifically for making lips related product. Many have asked me about the colours to use for lips and wether its safe or not etc. Therefore these colorant set is to ensure you that these are all specifically designed for lips.
In this set, each colorant comes in 10g powder form.

If you are not sure about how to dilute these before putting it into your product, you can follow our tutorial here on how to dilute it.

If you would like to read further about pigments and mica, or about natural colorants, please click here.

So now back to these colours. They come in a set of 6 colours.

lipstick colour malaysia
The colours are:

  1. Red Iron Oxide (10g)
  2. Purple Mauve (10g)
  3. Mauve Pink (10g)
  4. Red Rose (10g)
  5. Iridescent Red (10g)
  6. Ultramarine Pink (10g)
To place an order for this set, simply click on the add to bag button below. 

Also, do checkout all the wonderful free tutorials on lip related product that we have prepared for you. You can click here to view them:-)
Hope you like them:-)


  1. are these organic or synthetic colorants? thanks.

  2. hi these are natural. you can read more about it in this latest post i have:

  3. Hi, If i wanted to use other coloured natural pigments and mica, are they lip safe as well? Thanks!

  4. Joey yes these are speciafiaclly for lips

  5. Can I use this colour for soap making as well?


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