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Revive Dry Hair, Herbal Hair Mud Tutorial

Herbal Hair Mask Malaysia
Herbal Hair Mud
Ive had dry hair for the longest time and i came across an expensive brand selling hair mud. Its really expensive but it looks like its fun to make. Since i had all the ingredients i thought why not just make it ourself isn't it:-)
So todays post ill share with you another secret recipe of mine on how to make Hair Mud specifically for limp and dry hair.

The ingredients i use in this is: 
  1. Kaolin Clay - rich in Silica, its mildly cleansing therefore it will retain as much moisture as possible in dry hair, exfoliates and stimulates circulation so its perfect for the scalp as well
  2. Green Tea Extract (Powder)- Provides smooth and shiny hair due to the caffeine in it. Its also a great conditioner. Plus point for those with dandruff as this ill reduce it too:)
  3. Papaya Extract (Powder)- helps reduce chemical buildup and dirt from hair. Its also great for split ends. Plus point for those with balding hair as this helps as well
  4. Aloe Vera Extract (Powder)- Its a superb conditioner that attracts and seals in moisture into hair. Awesome for those with dry hair. Its also a great humectant which means even after rinsing it off, it will still absorb as much moisture from the surrounding air leaving your hair feeling conditioned all the time! Also a great de-tanggle-r
  5. Carrot extract (powder)- stimulates hair growth and treatment for hair loss
  6. Chamomile Extract (Powder)- Soothing and hydrating hair and scalp
You can always add more or lesser of each ingredients. But since this recipe is for reviving dry hair, below are the ingredients used:
  1. Kaolin Clay- 100g
  2. Aloe Vera Extract-50g
  3. All others-10g
How to prepare:
  1. Prepare ingredients
    Herbal Hair Mask Malaysia
  2. Mix all ingredients
    Herbal Hair Mask Malaysia
  3. Store in air tight container
    Dry Hair Mask Malaysia
To Use:
  1. Scoop out 3 tablespoon of powder mixture, and mix with 3 tablespoon of water/ juice/ milk. Add your essential oil of choice.
  2. Mix 
    Herbal Dry Hair Mask Malaysia
  3. Apply on hair, cover your hair with shower cap. 
  4. Leave for 30mins-1 hour. (the longer the better)
  5. Rinse
You must finish using your product once it touches water. I didn't put any preservatives in it therefore it wouldn't last more than 2 days (if kept in fridge). Best use fresh. You can store the dry powder for about 6 months-2 years depending on how often you open the lid. The more often you open the lid of the container, the more air will be trapped in the container causing your powder to harden. 

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