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Vitamin E and Evening Primrose Oil Face Serum Tutorial Malaysia

Face Serum DIY Malaysia
There are many types of face serum out there and mostly they are 100% oil based serum. Im one of those who can't stand the oily based serum plus our weather definitely doesn't help at all! So instead i had tweak the recipe to suit what i like and something my skin would be comfortable with in this hot humid weather. So let me clarify this. This isn't really a 'face serum' like what you would get in the store. Its consistency is like facial moisturiser. But i prefer the name 'serum' as all the ingredients I've put in this 'serum' are concentrated and beneficial like what a serum would do. Even the water phase (aloe vera juice) so I'm calling it a serum:-)

Now before i proceed let me tell you this: all ingredients in this face serum are the best one can choose in face serum. Especially for someone who has got dry skin with oily T skin like me. The ingredients I've put in are:
  1. Jejoba Oil - i choose this because its the oil that is most similar to our natural face oil. Plus its a light to medium weight oil so its definitely something I'm looking for
  2. Vitamin E- I've put in a concentration where it works as potent antioxidant for my old acne scars and pigmentation.
  3. Evening Primrose Oil- suppose to help fight my 30's skin from ageing:-)
  4. Aloe Vera Extract- for its healing and soothing properties.
  5. Allantoin- Promotes skin replication and healing. Suitable for those with rashes as its a powerful ingredient for eczema. It mimics the urea in our body and its a awesome moisture retainer (humectant)

*P/S: Many asked me if they can change certain oils to something else. Its absolutely up to you. Do your own further study as to what these oils do and if you like them, add them:-)
If you notice i didn't use any preservative in this serum because I'm not using water. Aloe vera juice is the only water phase in this and the juice already contain its own preservative to preserve it therefore there is no need for one. However the expiry is shorter. probably 3-6 months. Why use preservative in water phase? Click here to find out more.

So the recipe is as below:

Oil Phase:
  1. Jejoba Oil 10g
  2. Vitamin E- 5g
  3. EPO-5g
  4. E-Wax- 4g
Water Phase
  1. Aloe Vera Extract (you can replace this with distilled water if you want But add preservatives if you do)- 75g
  2. Allantoin-2g
How to make:
  1. Heat up both phase separately
  2. Mix them using the electric mixer
  3. Let it cool and bottle them
  4. Enjoy your Serum!!

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  1. Hi,
    I just made the serum exactly as your recipe, but how come my product turnout to be cream texture not serum?

  2. Hi Racheal. A facial serum comes in many different type. I assume you would want it to be those clear ones thats mostly sold? Well those are 100% oil based serum. (as written at the beginning of this post), I on the other hand don't find that suitable for my skin in this humidity, therefore I've made it using this recipe. Facial serum generally means that 100% of the ingredients are potent. and so in this recipe everything that i put in is potent. This recipe consistency should be somewhat like sk2 cellumination aura serum. its very watery and not at all creamy but it is white and not clear. If yours is very thick and creamy u can always add more of the allow vera juice to make it more thinner in consistency. This recipe should give you a very watery consistency.
    To tweak your current recipe, take out few g of your current lotion, add in the juice double the amount. If you are happy with the consistency, make the rest of your product with this additional juice. Hope it helps:-)

  3. Where can i get the aloe vera juice as I see that you are not selling?

  4. hi. you can get it from any pharmacies :-)

  5. hi, how do i know which oils are non comedogenic?
    Thank you

  6. Hi im afraid diff oils hv got different ratings on how it clogs the pores. mayb u can list the oils u want to know and ill let u knw? Ill b weiting a post on this soon:)

  7. cant wait for the upcoming post! i'm thinking of olive oil, castor oil and sweet almond oil. i have dry skin with dry patches, but somehow acne prone. thank you.

  8. Rating from 1-5, 5 being extremely high, olive is 2-3, castor; 1-2, almod 2-3. The lowest would be: argan, mineral oil and sunflower oil

  9. Hi
    Is it possible to replace the aloe Vera water with aloe Vera gel?

  10. Hi
    Where to purchase Allantoin powder?

  11. Hi anon. We used to sell allontoin powder but its currently out of stock as the shelf life is very narrow. Its been replaced by aloevera extract in the store. As for using aloe vera gel yes you can but it will get spoilt fast and make this serum bery sticky and thick.

  12. what is e-wax? is it beeswax or something else? thanks!

  13. HAi, i have drop you an email about the confusion of using polysorbate 20 or emulsifying wax to blend well the oil and water. I used grapeseed oil. So how it is? Thanks

  14. Hi Anon. Sorry what do you mean? if you are using more than 5% of oil, use e-wax

    1. e-wax stand for Beeswax? same thing or different?

  15. Hi can i use the original aloe vera juice i mean i make it my self

    1. no you cant. its not advicable. you can read more about why you should not use fresh ingredients here --> http://www.soaplabmalaysia.com/2016/05/can-i-add-fresh-ingredients-liquid-into.html

    2. Hi Nisha. What combination of ingredients for serum which will be suitable for a very matured 50+ skin?

  16. Hai...is it necessary to put e wax...

    1. Yes. Please follow the recipe exactly for best results

  17. Aleo vera juice different from aleo vera gel?

    1. yes it is. aloe vera extract is concentratedaloe vera. aloe vera gel (commercial ones) has only 2-3% aloe vera extract. Use extract when making handmade cosmetics

  18. Hi,
    i found an aloe vera juice, its written on the bottle it does not contain preservative, consume within 2-4 weeks after opening.

    Should i add Germal Plus? how much?


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