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Soap Lab Malaysia's Handmade Melt & Pour Soap Base

Malaysia Soap Base natural handmade
Soap Lab's Handmade Soap Base
(100% Vegetarian, No Alcohol, SLS Free)
Hey guys,
Remember the experiment for soap base the soap lab team did last week? Well i have finally tweaked the recipe and now i would like to introduce you to our very own handmade soap base!
This soap bases are available for sale now but bare in mind that since they are all made to order, we will need 1-2 days to make them (depending on the quantity). Hi Semua. Ingat tak post sebelum ini yang saya telah menulis mengenai soap base experiment? Akhirnya soap base handmade kita dah siap untuk dijual! Oleh kerana ianya dibuat sendiri di Soaplab, kita perlukan 1-2 hari untuk membuatnya selepas anda order soap base ini. So kalau lambast tu jangan risau:-)

We have 7 types of soap bases and they are: Kita mempunyai 7 jenis soap base di Soap Lab. Ianya adalah:

  1. Transparent Soap Base (Not crystal clear, slightly yellowish due to the oils that we use)
  2. White Soap Base
  3. Goats Milk Soap Base (pure goats milk incorporated in)
  4. Olive Oil Soap Base (with virgin olive oil in)
  5. Shea Butter Soap Base
  6. Three Butter Soap Base (contains Shea Butter, Mango Butter and Cocoa Butter)
  7. Honey Soap Base
  8. 100% Pure Oil Soap Base (Cold Process Style)
Coming Soon: (Akan Datang)
  1. Oatmeal Milk Soap Base
  2. Buttermilk/ Lassi Soap Base
  3. Aloe Vera Soap Base
  4. Baby Friendly Soap Base
These soapbases are all handmade and so we know exactly what ingredients goes in and how much we put in so be assured that we do put a lot of all the goody stuff and not just few drops:-)
These soap bases are made using fatty acids from pure oils such as pure coconut oil, pure olive oil, and Castor Oil. However, since all these soapboxes are handmade, there might be a variation from batches to batches (we try our best to make sure they are all the same but sometimes human error is not forgivable:-()
Kesemua soapbase ini dibuat sendiri di SoapLab oleh itu kami mempunyai control sepenuhnya untuk semua bahan yang dimasukkan kedalamnya. Semasa membuatnya, benda-benda yang bagus sepert butter etc memang kita masukkan sebanyak yang boleh dan bukan beberapa titik sahaja seperti yang dibuat di kilang. Kesemua soap base ini dibuat daripada lemak minyak tumbuhan seperti Castor Oil, Olive Oil, Minyak Kelapa. 

We do not put any detergent inside (SLS) therefore these are SLS free products. However it does contain Sodium Laurate, a cleansing agent that was derived and self manufactured by soap lab using Lauric Acid (from Coconut Oil) and Sodium Hydroxide (Lye for soap making). Also contains SLES (derived from Coconut Oil).We tried to make do without it, however it wasn't as cleansing as how soap is without it:-(. Alternatively you can get the 100% pure oil soap base which doesn't contain any of these ingredients and are very similar like the cold process soap. However, it can only be melted once and its quite soft so make sure you further cure it for at least a week before using them. 
Didalam soapbase ini kami tidak letak bahan bahan seperti SLS yang akan menyebabkan alahan kulit terhadap sesetengah orang. Namun demikian ia mempunyai lemak acid daripada tumbuhan yang kami proses sendiri dipanggil sodium laureth (daripada lauric acid yang dijumpai dalam minyak kelapa). Fungsi Sodium Laureth ini adalah untuk membersihkan kulit kita apabila mandi. 

As for Animal fat usage, be assured that everything in Soap Lab is vegetarian based (Plant based) ingredients. Even the glycerin and propylene glycol is plant based so for those Muslim and Vegan customers who are not sure wether product is Halal or not, Don't worry because everything is plant based:-) We don't even spray alcohol to remove the bubble because we are so against it as it is so so drying to the user and maker (our soap lab team).
Di Dalam soap base buatan soaplab ini kami memang tidak letak lemak haiwan. Kesemua bahan yang digunakan semuanya vegetarian (hanya bahan dari tumbuh tumbuhan sahaja). Oleh itu glycerin yang digunakan adalah daripada tumbuhan dan bukannya daripada lemak haiwan seperti yang didapati di kebanyakan soap base lain. Alkohol juga tidak digunakkan di dalam soap base ini kerana ianya sangat mengeringkan kulit.

Untuk mendapatkan SIJIL HALAL bagi bahan bahan didalam soap base, sila email ke: soaplabmalaysia@gmail.com     

Now let me show you what you will get when you purchase our soap base. 
Malaysia Soap Base Halal
Transparent Soap & White Soap Base

As for the pricing its as follow: Harga soap base adalah seperti berikut:

Clear Soap Base, White Soap Base:
  • 1kg: RM 30
  • 5kg: RM 120 (20% off)
  • 25kg: RM 450 (40% Off)
Honey Soap Base, Oatmeal Milk Soap Base, Buttermilk Soap Base, Aloe Vera Soap Base:
  • 1kg: RM 40
  • 5kg: RM 160 (20% Off)
  • 25kg: RM 600 (40% Off)
Shea Butter Soap Base, Goatsmilk Soap Base, Three Butter Soap Base:
  • 1kg: Rm 50
  • 5kg: RM 200 (20% Off)
  • 25kg: RM 750 (40% Off)
100% Pure oils Soap Base (Cold Process Soap style):
  • 1kg: RM 35
  • 5kg: RM 140
  • 25kg: RM 525
To view the ingredients in each soap base kindly click on its individual category in soap base section.
As for those who wants to enquire more please leave a comment below. Untuk melihat bahan-bahan yang digunakkan di dal am soap base, sila click disini. Bagi yang mempunyai soalan selanjutnya. sola tinggalkan comment dibawah.

Untuk mendapatkan SIJIL HALAL bagi bahan bahan didalam soap base, sila email ke: soaplabmalaysia@gmail.com     


  1. All the soap base can do by cold process style or not?

  2. Im sorry Sue i don't understand your question:-(

    1. Im sorry for my bad english. My real question is, all of your soap bases are suitable for melt-pour-freeze process or maybe just some of it? And can i order thru sms/whatsapp?

  3. Finally. Jumpa juga apa yang di cari. Ada contact number or whatsapp tak? Senang nak berurusan.

  4. All soap base except pure soap base no need wait to cure right?

  5. Hi, may I know which soap base is baby friendly? Thank you.

  6. Sue- hi yes all the handmade soap base are melt and pour type doesn't require lye. You can whatsapp 0126643817 to order.

    Ain- Yes boleh whatsapp 0126643817

    Sue- no even the pure base is already cured. You can use right away.

    Selimut_Putih- You can use any for baby but the best are the buttered ones as they are more moisturising. Just avoid eye are is ok:-)

  7. if i were to use melt & pour method to do bm soap, which base is the most suitable to use? tq nisha :)

  8. Hi..thank you for your reply. I noticed that u have mentioned baby friendly soap base is coming soon. May I know when it will be available? Thanks again.

  9. Hi there .saya nak tanya.. soap base apa yang sesuai jika saya nak masukkan bahan seperti butiran halus beras pulut dan herba2 ?

  10. Hi cik siti.
    Actually u boleh guna mana mana pun sebab semuanya sama sahaja. Tapi masalahnya sebab ia melt and pour semuanya akan terapung yea. Utk tidak terapung kena guna cold process method.

  11. Can I just cut the soap base blocks into ready sized soap for use?

  12. Hi yes u can. Only thn no scent or color if u use right away:)

  13. Hi Soap Lab,

    If i were to add nutrients and eo to the base, how do i know the compatability? is it possible to mix all nutrients to all type of base respectively? im afraid the mixture will not mix well or maybe negatively react that will cause side effect to users.

  14. Hi,
    Nak tanya kalau soap base ni kita nak campur bahan lain mcm essential oil, olive oild scented oil or maybe colorboleh tak..bila kita sejukkandia akan keras balik tak..atau kena tambah apa2 bahan utk keraskan dia..

  15. Hi anon. Im afraid diff ingredients will give different counter effect. Its the best to be more specific on which ingredients you will be using so can advice accordingly.

    Norule, ya mmg boleh campur tapi paling banyak apa2 cecair pun maks 15g/kilo atau ianya takkan mengeras. Kalau nak letak lebih lebih bagus buat cara cold process soap.

  16. Hi, I'm looking to make soap from breast milk for my bb. Which soap base would be bb friendly and what is the blending ratio for soap base and breast milk?

    By the way, what is "cure"?


  17. Hi ai lin im afraid none of the soap bases are suitable for bm. For bm kindly use the cold process way of making soap to be safe. Please click here to read more on why u shdnt use soap base to make bm soap: http://www.soaplabmalaysia.com/2016/05/can-i-add-fresh-ingredients-liquid-into.html?m=1

    Cure is whenu leave the soap for 4 weeks to dry out and become hard

  18. Hi. Sabun ni ada buih banyak x? I nk cari base yg ada buih banyak.

  19. Hi khairul, kebanyakkan sabun natural tidak mempunyai buih yang banyak. Sabun yang banyak buih selalunya dibuat daripada SLS dan sabun ini tidak mempunyai SLS. Secara natural minyak kelapa selalunya menambah buih, dan kebanyakkan soap base kat soaplab ni dibuat daripada minyak kelapa. So berbuih la jugak. Cuma tak sebanyak sabun yang mempunyai SLS:)

  20. Hye.penghantaran melalui pos atau boleh pickup ya?tqvm

  21. Hidayah. Dua dua pun ada;-0 you bole whatsapp 012-664-3817 utk pertanyaan lanjut

  22. Hi soaplab,nk tanya,jika buat utk sabun pencuci muka boleh ke guna semua soap base diatas?

  23. Hi soaplab, I have a question. For the goat milk soap base, is there an expiry date in it? How long can I keep it? If I mix honey in it, how long it's lifespan? Thank You :D

  24. Hi sim yee. Ours unopened is 1 year but once you start using it it all depends on the storange etc. U can read more here:
    click here

  25. Hi, how many soap could be produce from 1 kg soap base?

    1. hi it depends on your mold. if its 100g can make 10pcs, if 50g old can make 20. The easiest way to know what weight your mold will produce is to pour water into the mold, and weigh the water, thats roughly how heavy your mold would be

  26. Hai soap lab, how to make sure lye and water amount for 10oz of fat. and can we add more than 1 type of oil?

    1. hi sorry are you asking about cold process soap or mp soap? mp doesnt require lye. if cp soap its all diff depending on the oils. You can use this calculator to figure out the exact amount of lye depending on your oils: http://www.soaplabmalaysia.com/p/soap-calculator-this-calculator-will.html


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