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How To Determine Product Expiry?

Apakah Tarikh Luput Produk Handmade?

Tarikh Luput handmade produk buatan sendiri
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Hi. I know I'm suppose to post about the hair serum but i have this question that's asked a zillion times a day that i have to address this issue right away

Many have asked if they added preservatives into their final product (like lotion, face mist etc), how long will the product last? Whats the shelf life or expiry of the product.
Now the problem is, just because you add preservatives that doesnt mean that the product is going to last you for 2 years. Its more complicated than that because it also depends on all the other ingredients inside your product. Of course thats provided when you made your product you did a good manufacturing practice like here.

Hi. Hari ini saya sepatutnya menulis mengenai hair serum part two tapi banyak pulak yang tanya soalan ini oleh itu saya akan menulis mengenai ini hari ini.
Ramai yang tanya kalau tambah pengawet, berapa lama produk itu akan tahan. Apakah Tarikh luput produk tersebut? Adalah produk tersebut akan tahan untuk 2 tahun selepas letak pengawet? Sebenarnya ia bukannya 'Se senang' itu. Banyak lagi faktor yang anda kena pertimbangkan sebelum mengetahui apa tarikh luput produk anda. Itu pun lepas anda memang ikut 'good manufacturing practice' seperti ini. Jom lihat apakah faktor lain yang anda perlu pertimbangkan:


One of the other culprit that shortens expiry of your products will be your oils.
Some oils like Castor, Olive, Coconut have got longer shelf life's; like 2-3 years. However the others are only about 9-12 months. Grapeseed oil have got less than 6 months of shelf life. So this means that by adding these oils into your final product, it will shorten your shelf life. You can add vitamin e as antioxidant to reduce the rancidity of your oil but it will probably help only for 2-3 months extra.


Salah satu bahan yang selalunya membuatkan bahan anda mempunyai tarikh luput yang Kecil adalah minyak. Sesetangah minyak seperti Castor, Olive, Coconut etc mempunyai tarikh luput 2-3 tahun. Tetapi minyak 'exotic' yang lain hanya ada 9-12 bulan sahaja. Minyak seperti grapeseed oil pulak mempunyai tarikh luput 6 bulan atau kurang (sebab tu kita kat soaplab tak jual; cepat Rosak). Oleh itu jika ia dimasukkan kedalam produk, tarikh luput produk pun hanya 6 bulan atau kurang. Anda mungkin boleh menambah antioxidant seperti Vit E oil untuk mengurangkan ketengikan minyak tersebut tapi maksimum pun tambah 2-3 bulan sahaja.


Butters are higher saturated therefore they dont tend to get rancid fast. If you use only butters in your product, their shelf life can go up to 5 years (mango butter), 2-3 years (shea butter and cocoa butter).

Butters di soaplab ni kebanyakkanya adalah butter tepu oleh itu ia mempunyai masa yang agak lama seperti mango butter; tarikh luput 5 tahun, shea butter dan cocoa butter 3 tahun.

Emulsifiers & Thickeners

Most emulsifiers like stearic acid, Cetyl alcohol, Polysorbate and E-wax can last about 2 years.

Fragrance and Essential Oils:

This depends on the suppliers as different supplier have got different extraction methods. The ones in Soap Lab Malaysia are mostly stable for 2-3 years. You will know its expired when the smell is 'off'

Pewangi dan Minyak Pati Essential:

Ini bergantung kepada supplier. Supplier lain mempunyai cara membuat essential oil masing-masing. Jika ada menggunakan alcohol didalam minyak wangi dan minyak pati, selalunya tarikh luputnya lebih dari 3 tahun. Minyak dari soaplab ni tidak mempunyai alcohol kerana ia kurang selamat digunakkan diatas kulit sensitif, oleh itu tarikh luputnya kurang sedikit. Lebih kurang 2-21/2 tahun sahaja. Kalau nak tahu dah rosak ke tak, anda boleh baunya. Jika dah tak 'ok' dah luput la tu:-)


Yes it depends on your packaging too! If you are using new container. Its ok. But if you are recycling containers, it might get spoiled in 2-3 months. Even if you do sterilise them. I personally do not recommend reusing your containers unless you can really really sterilise them like baby bottles (most containers are not heat stable containers made from cheap plastic. It will melt when u try to boil them. So this is definitely a no-no. Only those glass ones probably can sterilise).
Also it depends on your packaging type too. If you are using something like a jar, or a serum dropper where dirty air and hands are going to touch the product, you have to make sure you use the product within 3 months of 'opening'. Why? Simply because your hands are dirty and you will be adding fresh bacterias inside your product. If you are using pump type of bottles, than you can safely say our product's expiry is longer. But even then, if you notice all cosmetic products now have a signage that says use within 6 months after open coz there is chances of bacterias from air to go in and spoil the product.


Yea. Tarikh luput bergantung kepada packaging juga! Jika anda menggunakan bekas baru, ok boleh Di katakan selamat dan panjang tarikh luputnya. Tapi jika menggunakan bekas yang sudah digunakkan, ia akan merosakkan produk anda cepat. Mungkin 1-2 bulan pas tu dah rosak dah. Sebab tu kita tak menggalakkan anda 'recycle' bekas anda. Kalau betul-betul nak, anda kena mensterilkan bekas anda macam botol susu. Tapi macammana? Sebab kebanyakkan bekas kan plastik? Kalau yang Kaca mungkin boleh.
Selain daripada itu, ia juga bergantung kepada jenis bekas yang digunakkan. Kalau jenis bekas yang anda akan masukkan tangan anda ataupun bekas yang akan kena udara setiap kali Membukanya (seperti jar, ataupun botol serum titik) mesti habis guna dalam masa 3 bulan. Kenapa? Sebab tangan anda 'kotor' banyak bakteria. Tiap kali mengambil produk mesti tangan kotor ni akan menambah bakteria segar kedalam produk. Tak kira la macammana 'bersih' pun tangan, masih ada bakteria kecuali kalau pakai sarung tangan:- Yang botol serum tu pulak, sebab akan Buka dan tutup tiap kali guna, ia akan didedahkan ke udara tiap kali dan ini akan menyebabkan bakteria dari udara pulak masuk ke dalam. Jika anda menggunakan botol jenis pump, mungkin anda boleh menggunakan produk lebih lama. Tapi kalau anda sedar sekarang ni semua company dah mula tulis untuk anda habis menggunakan produk dalam masa 6 bulan selepas buka. Oleh itu, kalau company besar-besar pun dah cantu, kita pun ikut je la kan:-

Other Ingredients:

Now this really depends on your ingredients. I absolutely do not agree with putting in ANY FRESH INGREDIENTS into your product. Why? Click here. If you must put them in, treat them like food. If you wont eat the food after three days exposed to room temperature, you shouldn't use your product after 3 days too. If in fridge you can probably increase it to 7 days. But thats it! There is no two ways about it. Even if you are 'just' using it for yourself. Is your face and body not worth it that you MUST put this spoilt thing on yourself? Love your self first. Avoid using them:-)

Bahan-Bahan Lain:

Yang ni memang bergantung kepada bahan anda. I memang sangat-sangat melarang sama sekali untuk memasukkan bahan-bahan SEGAR di dalam produk anda. Kenapa? Klik disini. Jika anda mesti masukkan bahan-bahan segar ni kedalam produk anda, anggap produk anda tu sebagai 'makanan'. Jika anda takkan makan bahan segar tu lepas tiga hari di suhu bilik, cantu jugakla produk anda, jangan guna lepas 3 hari. Kalau masuk peti sejuk boleh tahan bahan segar tu 7 hari, produk anda pun sama boleh tahan 7 hari je. Jangan nak menambah-nambah bahan pengawet la etc sebab takkan BertaHan gak. Walaupun anda hanya nak guna untuk diri sendiri JANGAN! Tak sayang diri sendiri ke sampai kena guna benda-benda rosak? Tak berfaedah pun kalau dah rosak. Buang je :-)

Hope this helps
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  1. So, suggestion utk letak tarikh luput?

  2. As it says..depends on what is the ingredients you put in and the container.

  3. Nak tanya.. serum hyaluronic acid tu dibancuh dgn glycerin dn tiada preservative.... ketahanan/expired brp lama ye ?

  4. Hai, saya nak tanya. Mcm mana nak buat pembersih miss v?

  5. Hi aida.
    Serum readymade soap lab ke? Yg tu mmg kita dah masukkan preservatives so boleh guna utk setahun.
    Kalau u buat sendiri tanpa preservatives 3 hari


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