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Handmade Crayon (Natural & Non Toxic) Malaysia

handmade non toxic crayon malaysia for kids
Hi all, todays' tutorial has got nothing to do with beauty product but since my toddler is ready to play with colours, i decided to make my very own handmade crayon. It would have been cheaper and easier to purchase those ready made crayons outside. However i don't trust her not putting the crayons into her mouth so to be on the safe side; decided to make it myself:-) Its super easy to make with our ready made base. This base is made using a combination of beeswax, shea butter, mango butter and cocoa butter. Its so natural that you can actually eat it! As for the colour, you can choose to use our Neon Pigment (a FD&C & cosmetic grade oxides) or you can get food colouring (non liquid as it won't mix with the oils). How much to put in? Its up to you. The darker and brighter you want the colour to be, the more you put in:-) i prefer the neons because thats what my kid likes. Feel free to use food colouring like turmeric powder, beetroot powder etc if you want it to be 100% edible:-)

Hi semua, tutorial hari ini tiada kena mengena dengan baranagn kecantikan. Anak saya yang berumur setahun sudah pandai memegang so i nak bagi dia main dengan krayon dan warna. tetapi I takut jugak since dia suka sangat gigit benda dan krayon yang dijual di pasaran semuanya toksik (walaupun dia tulis tak toksik) so i pun decide nak buat sendiri krayon ini. Ianya sangat senang dan sekarang soap lab ada jual ready made base ini so untuk korang pun senag gak. Base ini dibuat daripada lilin lebah (beeswax), shea butter, mango butter dan cocoa butter. Pewarna i menggunakan pigment neon. Jika anda nak gunakan food coloring pun boleh cuma pastikan ianya serbuk dan bukan cecair kerana air dan minyak tak mix:-( 


  1. Soap Lab's Handmade Natural Crayon Base
  2. Neon Pigment powder (as desired)/ any other natural colorant ( as long as powder and not liquid)

How to Make (Bagaimana Membuat)

  1. Cut and measure out the crayon base as needed. sukat crayon base seperti yang diperlukan
  2. Melt it in the microwave or a double boiler. Cairkan di dalam microwave
  3. Add the crayon base into the colour powder. Masukkan base ke dalam pewarna
  4. Mix. Campur
  5. Pour into mold. Masukkan ke dalam acuan
  6. Unmold after 2-3 hours.. Keluarkan dari acuan selepas mengeras 2-3 jam
  7. Enjoy your very own handmade non toxic crayon! Siap!
handmade non toxic crayon malaysia for toddlers

Video Tutorial:

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  1. How many pieces of crayons (assuming using same mould as per the tutorial above) can you make for the 100g Base kit?

  2. hi niq it depends on ur mold. like our penguin mold can fill about 25g each so can make 4.

  3. Hi, I interested in natural crayons, but I wonder that how many pieces of crayons can make with 5kg crayon base (assuming if I make penquin)?

  4. Hi Joo.
    Our penguin is about 30g each. Therefore 5kg will be 5000/30 = 166 pcs


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