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Vitamin C powder (Ascorbic Acid) in Malaysia. How to use in skincare products

Vitamin C powder malaysia
Hi all. I would like to introduce you guys to our very new raw material in Soap Lab Malaysia: Ascrobic Acid or more commonly known as Vitamin C

What is Vitamin C?
Vitamin C is a water soluble anti-oxidant has been proven in studies to be an anti-inflammatory that can stimulate collagen formation, lighten skin, treat hyperpigmentation, and heal wounds. 

Its soluble in water.

Usage Rate:
Our skin can tolerate Vitamin C up to 5%-20% (Maks). Do not apply directly on skin as irritation might occur.

How to make it more powerful?
Usually a combination of Vitamin C and Vitamin E will be ideal because Vitamin C will help Vitamin E to regenerate hence increasing the life span of Vitamin E

Studies in Vitamin C
there are actual study showing vitamin C effectiveness in dermatological conditions (and not something cosmetic companies are just claiming). if interested you can take a look at the article here

Problems with Vitamin C
Now its all awesome and all but unfortunately we do not use Vitamin C in our products as often because it isn't stable in water and it doesn't penetrate easily into our skin. Works more superficially. Also, due to its low pH (pH 3), it kind of breakdown the emulsification system when making lotion and creams resulting in an unstable lotions/creams. Also its easily oxidised when exposed to air (turning it brownish orange)

How do we store them?
Always store in an airtight, dark bottle away from sunlight and in cool room.


  1. can we use Vit C in soap?
    Maybe we purposely add extra lye so our soap is a little bit lye heavy, hence when we add vit C towards the end, it will neutralize the excess lye?

  2. Hi. If you want it for neutralization not sure how it works and dont think the acidity is string enough to compensiate for the lye excess. Its suggested you stick to the correct lye calculation as in the soap calculator. As for adding into cp soap i strong discourage it as we have to keep it to cure for 4-6weeks and during this time the vit c will definately oxidize:) hope this helps:)

  3. Hi there!

    This website/shop is a great resource, especially in Malaysia - thank you! :)

    Is the vitamin C powder you have for sale L-ascorbic acid or another enantiomer?

    Cheers x

  4. Hi V7. Thanks for dropping by:)
    No the ones we hv is the L enantiomers and its oxidized form only:)

  5. Hiya! Thanks for the quick reply.

    Actually, I'm looking to make a vitamin C "serum" and I need L-ascorbic acid powder that is not oxidized (if i'm not mistaken). Will the powder you sell be suitable for this?

    Also if you have the time, here is the recipe that I'm planning to use (it's a 2min read!) : http://www.skinacea.com/diy/diy-recipes.html#VITC. I'd really appreciate any guidance or input from you.

    Thank you! :) x

  6. Hi V7. Actually all ascorbic acid comes in oxidized form as it gets oxidized when exposed to air. You don hv to worry about tht. As long as u keep in airtight containers it wouldnt be easily oxidized:) the recipe looks ok:)

  7. hi, is this A non gmo ascorbic acid?

  8. Yes. This vit c is not modified:)

  9. is this similar to citric acid?

  10. Hi.no citric acid is vinegar while ascorbic acid is vit c:)

  11. I am curious to find a better way to dechlorinate my skin/hair after swimming, and maybe a good Vit C serum may be the best method, but I am new and far from being a chemist. What would be the best way to deliver Vit C to the skin/scalp during or after showering? Which form of Vit C do you suggest?

    1. Hi u can add this into a water based product for after shampoo. Usually the best would be serum:-) do whatsapp 0126643817 for formulation on how to add vitamin C into serum ya. Can use the serum base


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