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Optiphen Plus (Preservative/ Pengawet)

We in Soaplab just recieved a new preservative called the Optiphen Plus. If you are one of those who loves to read tutorials on handmade products, im preety sure you would have encountered this preservatives.
Optiphen Plus ingredients.
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What is this? Apakah ini?

Optiphen Plus is a broad spectrum preservative in liquid form that is composed of Phenoxyethanol, Caprylyl Glycol, and Sorbic acid. This preservative is widely used because its paraben free and formaldehyde free. Its slighty yellowish in colour, its water soluble and it isn't heat sensitive (can resist heat up to 80 degrees) so you dont have to wait for your ingredients to cool down before using it.

Optiphen plus adalah bahan pengawet cecair yang mempunyai spectrum luas. Ia terdiri daripada Phenoxyethanol, Caprylyl Glycol, dan sorbic acid. Bahan pengawet ini banyak digunakkan kerana ianya adalah bebas dari paraben dan formaldehyde. Ia berwarna kuning cair dan tidak sensitif terhadap haba (boleh tahan  sehingga 80 darjah celcius) oleh itu boleh digunakkan semasa produk masih panas dan tidak perlu tunggu sehingga ianya sejuk  

What are broad spectrum preservatives? Apakah pengawet spectrum luas?

A broad spectrum preservative is a preservative that can help preserve your product against wide range of bacteria and fungus. In Optiphen Plus, the mixture of ingredients inside helps in preserving your products againts different kind of bacteria and fungus. Phenoxyethanol- againts bacteria and yeast Caprylyl glycol - againts bacteria Sorbic acid - fungus, mould and yeast inhibitor (below ph 6)  

Pengawet spectrum luas adalah bahan pengawet yang boleh membantu dalam pengawetan product terhadap banyak jenis bakteria dan kulat (kebanyakkan pengawet hanya mengawet terhadap sedikit bakteria sahaja.) Ini adalah kerana kandungan didalam optiphen plus ini setiap satu mempunya fungi pengawetan sendiri.  Phenoxyethanol- bacteria dan yis Caprylyl glycol -  bacteria Sorbic acid - kulat, dan yis (below ph 6)  

What is this preservative suitable for? Bila untuk menggunakan pengawet jenis ini?

Because of sorbic acid, this ingredient is more suitable for product with low ph (slightly acidic), though there are studies that show its stable in pH 8 as well. However to be on the safe side, stick to ph 7 and below when using this preservative. So what product would that be. Basically anything and everything besides soap as our handmade soaps are mostly with ph 8 and above. Liquid soap it depends. If you had diluted it and reduced the ph to 7, then this preservative can be used for it too.

Oleh kerana pengawet ini mempunyai sorbic acid, pengawet ini paling sesuai digunakkan di dalam produk yang mempunyai pH kurang daripada 6 ( walaubagaimanapun terdapat beberapa kajian yang menyatakan pengawet ini masih berfungsi sehingga pH 8). Namun demikian, untuk  berada di sebelah selamat, gunakannya didalam produk yang ph 7 dan kebawah. Ini termasuk semua produk kesuali sabun kerana kebanyakkan sabun adalah dalam lingkungan ph 8 dan keatas.  

Is it Natural? Adakan ianya natural?

No. Optiphen Plus is not 100% naturally derived.


Can i not use preservative in my products? Bolehkah saya tidak mengunnakan pengawet dalam produk saya?

No. Unless your product is ph 8 and above, or 100% oil based product, its advisable to use preservatives. Click on this post on why you should use preservatives.

Tidak. Jika produk anda bukan pH8 dan keatas, ataupun dibuat 100% daripada minyak, adalah dinasihatkan anda menggunakan pengawet . Click disini untuk membaca kenapa gunakkan pengawet dalam produk.  

Can i use antioxidants like vitamin E and grapeseed oil as preservatives?

Tak bolehkah saya mengunakkan antioxidant seperti vitamin e dan grapeseed oil sebagai pengawet?No. Anti oxidants are only there to stop rancidity of oils. To date there isnt any study to show that it helps in killing those bacteria and fungus. Read this previous post to find out more about how antioxidant works.

Tidak. Ini adalah kerana antioxidant hanya untuk menghilangkan 'ketengikan' minyak dan tidak berfungsi untuk membunuh bakteria dan kulat ( semua kajian yang pernah dibuat menunjukkan ia tidak membunuh kulat dan bakteria). Klik disini untuk membaca artikel kami mengenai bagaimana antioxidant berfungsi disini.  

If i were to use optiphen plus, how much to use? Berapa nak guna?

Usage rate is 0.75% to 1.5%  


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  1. hi...i had d.i.y moisturizer using shea butter + homemade coconut oil+lavender essential oil...is it ok if im not using preservative?im worried if free radical inside that..tq

  2. Hi. Based on ur ingredients it looks like its 100% oil based. In tht case you do not need preservatives unless u are putting anything thts water based:)

  3. hi..i want to do lipbalm using shea butter..beeswax..vitamin e and essential oil..do i need to put preservative so that it cam be keep at long time?because i want to commercial my product but at the same time i want it 100% natural without chemical & preservative.

  4. Hi @Amny syaf ' you dont need to use preservative for ur lipbalm as its all oil based item and there is no water. The best way to keep it longer shelf life would be to use oils with longer expiry like shea butter and coconut or olive oil, and put in 1% vit e as antioxidant to prevent the oils from becoming rancid fast:-)

  5. Can i use this preservative for my baby talc product? Or should i use the powder form preservative?

  6. Hi! I would like to know if I should add preservative to my coffee scrub. Ingredients used are ground coffee, brown sugar and organic coconut oil. Thank you in advance!

  7. Hi. If my cream contains oil, beeswax & aloe vera gel with some EOs, do I need this? Example the end product is 50ml, is it 1% of optiphen needed to be added?


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