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Cosmetic Clays and Its Uses In Cosmetics

Clays Kosmetik dan Kegunaannya di Dalam Produk Kosmetik.

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Soap lab have just stocked up on our cosmetic clays and we had many questions asked on how to use these cosmetic clays. So here it is the summary on when to use them.
Soap lab baru sahaja mendapat stok clays dan ramai yang tanya apakah beza setiap clay ini. Dibawah ini adalah rumusan kegunaan clay clay ini.

What does cosmetic clays do? Apakah kegunaan cosmetic clay ini?

Now each clays have got its own unique properties because it comes from different locations, hence it contains different mineral content and textures. In general, the clays:
1) absorbs excess oil
2) Binds to toxins
3) Cleansing
4) improves circulation
5) reduces swelling and redness
6) exfoliates due to its course nature.

Setiap satu clay ini adalah unik kerana semuanya datang daripada tempat yang lain oleh itu ia mempunyai kandungan mineral yang berlainan. Secara umumnya, clays ini berfungsi untuk:
1) Menyerap minyak di atas kulit
2) membuang toxin
3) bersihkan kulit
4) meningkatkan pengedaran darah
5) mengurangkan kemerahan dan radang di atas kulit
6) sebagai scrub

Types of cosmetic clays: Jenis clays:

There are many kind of cosmetic clays. Although we have about 5 types in store, generally there are more than 10 types available in the market. Before i go further into this, keep in mind that you should always purchase cosmetic grade clay that are specifically for skin care and soap making. This is because there are many other grades of clay that are intended for crafts and industrial applications that may contain toxic components such as heavy metals.
So anyways as for the clays available in soap lab malaysia, we currently have:
1) kaolin clay
2) dead sea clay
3) Rose clay
4) Bentonite Clay
5) French green clay.

Terdapat banyak jenis clay di dalam dunia ini. Walaupun soap lab Malaysia hanya mempunyai 5 jenis clays, terdapat lebih dari 10 jenis di dalam market pada hari ini. Sebelum saya menerangkan dengan lebih lanjut kelebihan semua clay ini, anda kena pastikan apabila membeli clay ini, pastikan ianya clay yang sesuai untuk digunakkan ke atas kulit dan sememangnya untuk kulit. Ini adalah kerana clay juga digunakkan di dalam industry lain seperti industri membuat tembikar. Clays yang digunakkan di dalam industri ini mempunyai banyak bahan toxic lain yang akan memundaratkan kulit.
Clay clay yang terdapat di soap lab malaysia ialah:
1) kaolin Clay
2) Dead Sea Clay
3) Rose Clay
4) Bentonite Clay
5) French Green Clay

Kaolin Clay

There are many forms of kaolin clay and the colours are just gorgeous! However in soap lab we only have the white kaolin clay. Kaolin clays contains high amount of minerals such as calcium, zinc, silica and magnesium. It also has high drying and disinfecting properties which helps in healing blemishes and inflammation making It perfect for sensitive skin and is often used in shave creams or soaps as it provides a silky finish. It can also be used as face mask and body mask. To use them all you need to do is add milk or yogurt to make fresh masks. If you have sensitive skin, add colloidal oatmeal and milk. It makes such great mask!
Kaolin clay ini adalah clays yang boleh didapati di dalam banyak jenis warna yang lain. Ianya sangat cantik. Namun demikian di soap lab kami hanya mempunyai kaolin clay yang berwarna putih. Kaolin ini mempunyai kandungan mineral yang sangat tinggi terutamanya mineral seperti calcium, zinc, silica dan magnesium. Ia juga mempunyai ciri ciri lain dimana ianya sesuai digunakkan untuk membasmi kuman yang membantu dalam menyembuhkan radang membuatkannya amat sesuai untuk kulit yang sensitif. 

Dead Sea Clay

Dead sea clay or more well known as dead sea mud is another clay that is unique due to its minerals and salts. It is rich in magnesium, sodium, potassium and calcium. These minerals are studied to be connected to health benefits and healing properties particularly in diseases such as eczema, psoriasis and acne. On skin, it also helps to improve the elasticity, minimises pores, wrinkles and lines when mask is applied on face. This clay is suitable for all skin type particularly dry and sensitive skin.
Dead sea clay adalah clay yang dijumpai di laut dead sea. Ia mempunyai kandungan mineral yang tinggi seperti magnesium, sodium, potassium dan calcium. Mineral mineral ini selalunya dikaitkan untuk membantu dalam penyakit seperti ekzema, psoriasis, dan jerawat. Apabila digunakkan di atas kulit, ia juga dapat mengecilkan pori-pori, kedutan, garis penuaan dan banyak lagi.

Rose clay

Rose clays like kaolin clays are gentle in nature. Rose clay is a mild kaolin clay that has been naturally tinted with red oxides hence the color and name. Its gorgeous in nature. Those who benefits the best from rose clay are those who have dry, sensitive, mature and normal skin type. Its very effective in drawing out toxins and impurities from the skin. However because of its mild nature, it doesnt deple the skin's moisture. Its also an efficient cleanser and exfoliant making it a superb ingredient in scrubs and facial products.
Rose clay seperti kaolin adalah sangat lembut dan sesuai digunakkan keatas kulit yang sensitif, kering, dan normal. Ia berfungsi untuk menyerap toxin dan kotoran dari kulit. Oleh kerana ianya lembut, ia tidak menarik terlalu banyak minyak dari kulit (tidak mengeringkan) menjadikannya satu clay yang sesuai untuk kulit sensitif dan kering.

Bentonite Clay

Bentonite clay is composed from the volcanic ash and minerals. Its high in ferrous and magnesium hence the greyish color on the clay. It is well known for its therapeutic abilities that the native ameriacans called it as 'ee-wah-kee' (the mud that heals). It has the ability to pull oils and toxins from skin making it suitable for those with normal to oily skin. Because they have this strong ability to pull oil, its highly cleansing therefore its not suitable for sensitive or dry skin. Even those who have oily skin its recommended that bentonite clay be used maksimum once a week.
Bentonite clay adalah clay yang didapati dari abu gunung berapi dan mempunyai mineral ferrous dan magnesium yang tinggi. Ia adalah clay yang sangat kuat dalam menarik minyak dimana ia akan membersihkan kulit dengan sangat kuat. Apabila ini berlaku, ia akan mengeringkan kulit muka. Oleh itu bentonite clay ini adalah lebih sesuai digunakkan ke atas kulit yang berminyak. 

French green clay

French green clay is a very unique clay as it is an exceptional detoxifying ingredients. It contains lots of minerals including calcium, potassium, silicone and copper. It draws out toxins, dust, dead skin cells and all other impurities found on the skin. Since it also has a very unique detoxyfying properties, it also helps to reduce and eliminate free radicals from skin. These free radicals are unstable atoms that we are exposed to when we are in contact with toxic substances like smoke, UV rays and pollutions. These free radicals can damage cells and are thought to be the cause of aging. So when using french green clays, they are also suitable as anti-aging ingredient. However, like bentonite clay since it has a very strong detoxyfying properties, it is not suitable for sensitive or dry skin and should be only used maksimum of once weekly.
French green clay ini adalah seperti bentonite clay diamana ia membersihkan kulit dengan sangat kuat oleh itu tidak boleh digunakkan keatas kulit yang kering dan sensitif. Ia mempunyai mineral seperti calcium, potassium, silicone dan copper. Selain daripada ciri ciri seperti clay yang lain, french green clay ini juga boleh digunakkan untuk mengelakkan radikal bebas yang selalu dijumpai di dalam asap, matahari dan pencemaran. Radikal bebas ini akan mencepatkan process penuaan kulit. Oleh itu gunakan french green clay ini sebagai agen yang mengurangkan penuaan kulit

So what should i use when?

Dry skin- kaolin clay, rose clay, dead sea clay
Sensitive skin- kaolin clay, red rose clay, dead sea clay
Oily skin- french green clay, bentonite clay, dead sea clay
Normal skin- all types of clay, dead sea clay
Aging skin- french green clay


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  1. Hi,

    These clays can be added into soap base? and can it mix with other nutrients together? e.g , soap base aloe + active charcoal + dead sea clay + essen oil

  2. hai, do you sell clay up to 1kg?

  3. Hi yes u can add these clays to soap bases.
    As for selling size we hv 1kg, 5kg and 25kg packaging as well. Kindly whatsapp 0126643817 for purchasing bigger orders:)

  4. How would you add the clay to castile soap to make a shower gel? Or to lotion?

  5. Hi u add towards the end just before adding salt as sometimes additives like clay can thicken soap too:-)

  6. hi this bentonite clay is lip safe right? i want to use it in making matte lipstick.

  7. hi Double HH; yes you can use as lip mask.

    Misz nina im afraid no we dont sell corn powder:-(


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