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Breast Milk Face Mask (Dead Sea Clay)- For Healing

Bagaimana Membuat Mask Muka menggunakan Susu Ibu

Hi all,
today's tutorial is on how to make your very own breast milk face mask.

Now why am i using this two combination? 

Some of you may know that i had just delivered my second child 1 month ago ( a beautiful baby girl). Now being a second time mother i thought i knew it all. Unfortunately I'm just so scared to cut her nails:-( So i had just let it grow and this morning while playing with her i had my face scratched by her. OUCH! Normally i would put on my favourite steroid cream and just let it be. 

However, i read somewhere that fresh breast milk is actually quite good in wound healing. Now of course applying just the milk will work too, but since i love to experiment, and we had discussed about the benefits of clays yesterday (click here for article), i decided to make my very own version of dead sea mask (mud) with a little twist using breast milk (Freshly expressed). In addition to that i also added ylang ylang essential oil as it too is suitable for 'wound healing'.

Breast Milk Mask (Mask Muka Susu Ibu)

Hi Semua,
Hari ini saya membuat tutorial bagaimana membuat mask muka menggunakan susu ibu.

Mengapa saya menggunakan kombinasi ini? 

Bagi sesetangah yang tau, saya baru sahaja melahirkan anak kedua sebulan yang lepas. Walaupun dah jadi mommy kali kedua saya masih takut untuk memotong kuku anak I. So pagi ni masa tengah best main dengan anak I, dia tercakar muka saya. Sakit! 

Saya pernah terbaca (tak ingat pulak mana artikel itu) yang susu ibu ini salah satu manfaatnya ialah ianya boleh mengurangkan radang dan kemerahan. Memang boleh disapu terus susu ke tempat yang calar tu tapi sebab i memang nak buat mask selepas mendapati kebaikan mask dari artikel semalam (click disini), I cuba buat resipi gabungkan kedua-dua ni. di tambah lagi dengan Ylang Ylang Essential Oil yang juga baik untuk sembuhkan luka. So gabung tiga-tiga, sepatutnya lagi 'power'. Untuk melihat bagaimana nak membuatnya, lihatlah video di bawah.

So here it is a video tutorial on how to make this mask. 
English Tutorial:

Malay Tutorial:

The ingredients used are (bahan-bahan yang digunakkan)

  1. 3 tablespoon Dead Sea Clay
  1. 6 tablespoon Breast Milk (can add more if you want the mask to be more watery)
  1. 10-15 drops Ylang Ylang Essential Oil.


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  1. Must it be freshly expressed milk only? Any idea what I can do with my frozen breastmilk that dates up to 6 months ago?


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