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Sunday, 26 June 2016

Do you need formulating advice?
We have a monthly subscription service where i will personally answer any question you have regarding your existing formulation.

Suitable for those who:

1) Already have product but not sure if its 'ok'
2) Have many recipes but not sure what to do
3) Want to add some extra ingredient into existing recipes but not sure if its stable
4) Have questions about tweaking product to reduce cost/ don't like some ingredients
5) Need to ask a Chemist/ pharmacist somethings customers asks (act like you hiring me on retainer for this)
6) You need someone to advice you on ingredients
7) you love the recipes on but you want to change the recipes.
Basically you can ask anything that is not in the 'dont' list. 

This group is not for:

1) Those who wants me to create a recipe of formulation for you. For that we have another group that is USD 7000/6 Months.

Price for this group (Malaysian Clients)

1) Weekly subscription: RM 80/week
2) Monthly Subscription: RM 200/ Month
3) Yearly Subscription: RM 1900/year.

Price for this group (International Clients)

1) Weekly subscription: USD 20/week
2) Monthly Subscription: USD 50/ Month
3) Yearly Subscription: USD 450/year.
You can leave the group (unsubscribe) anytime if you dont think its for you. However you will not be allowed to re-join the group for the next 6 months.

Sign up for Facebook Formulating Advice group here:

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