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How to convert percentage to weight in handmade cosmetic making

Bagaimana untuk menukar peratus ke berat?

One of the most commonly asked questions by our customers are ' how do i convert percentage to weight'?
Salah satu soalan paling banyak kita dapat kat soap lab ialah bagaimana untuk menukarkan percent ke berat dalam g. Post ini akan mengajar anda bagaimana untuk menukarkannya.

so this short post is to guide you on how to convert them.
lets say you get a recipe saying:
katakanlah resipi yang anda ada adalah seperti berikut:
A = 3%
B= 7%
C= 20%
D= 70%
so how to convert this to weight?
Bagaimana untuk menukar ke berat?
all you have to do is estimate how much of final product you want to make.
senang je. Apa yang anda perlu buat ialah pikirkan berapa gram produk yang anda nak buat.
lets say you want to make a 500g product.
the calculation will be as below
Katakanlah anda nak buat 500g. Berikut ialah cara untuk mengiranya:
1. Convert the ingredient recipe to below, since the total above adds up to 100%, you convert them as below:
jika anda lihat resipi diatas, apabila menambahkan setiap % itu, anda akan dapat 100%. Oleh itu mula-mula anda kena tukar peratus itu kepada seperti di bawah:
A= (3%/100%) =0.03
B= (7%/100%)= 0.07
C= (20%/100%) =0.20
D= (70%/100%)= 0.7
* if you add all the answer it shd give you a 1.
* jika anda tambah semua jawapan diatas akan dapat 1.
so after converting, you want to times this amount with the final volume you want:
lepas dah tukar seperti atas, anda hanya perlu darab berat produk yang anda nak buat:
A = 0.03 x 500g = 15g
B = 0.07 x 500g = 35g
C = 0.20 x 500g = 100g
D = 0.7 x 500g = 350g
now if you add all the 'g' you will get 500g.
jika anda menambah semua diatas, anda akan dapat 500g.
if you want yout final volume to be 4500g example, the the calculation is as below:
katakanlah nak produk anda berat dia kepada 4500g, kiraannya adalah seperti berikut:
A = 0.03 x 4500g = 135g
B = 0.07 x 4500g = 315g
C = 0.20 x 4500g = 900g
D = 0.7 x 4500g = 3150g
sometimes the recipe will be like below:
kadang kadang ada juga resipi yang seperti berikut:
A = 3%
B= 7%
C= 20%
D= Qs
what qs means is that add 'd' up up o 100%. So all you do for the additional infor is that add (A+B+C)= 30%, then 100-30% = 70%, thats what D is.
Qs tu bermaksud untuk menambah 'd' tu ke 100%. Jadi apa yang anda kena buat ialah untuk menambah (A+B+C)= 30%, 100%-30%= 70%, itulah D:-)
if you need anymore clarification, please leave a comment below. Tq:)
Jika anda ada sebarang pertanyaan lagi, sila tinggalkan comment dibawah. Terima kasih


  1. if I want to make a face mask, what percentage is the layout of each material? what percentage of activated carbon is percentage of bentonite clay? or is it up to me how much is it going to be?

    1. hi im sorry but i dont understand. could u list the weight of each ingredients so i could helpu toderive the percentage:-)


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