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Soap Making Online Class: Beginner (Suitable for Asian Weather)

If you are someone who have not made soaps before and would like to start; then this course is for you

In this course you will learn:

  1. Introduction to Soap Making 
  2. How to select soap bases
  3. How To Add Essential oil/ fragrance oil
  4. The dangers of using essential oil in babies
  5. How to choose colors
  6. How to select fresh ingredients
  7. Equipments needed to start and where to purchase them
  8. Good Manufacturing Practice
  9. How To avoid wastage by estimating mold size
  10. Packaging Idea thats low cost (something you can diy at home)
  11. 9 Level 1 Recipes (with video)
  12. 10 level 2 recipes (with videos)
  13. 10 Bonus Gift Ideas Recipes (with videos)

Included in This course:

  1. Discussion board to speak to instructor directly
  2. Support from SoapLab's customer service group (via whatsapp)
  3. Voucher to purchase ingredients with discounts (optional add in)

Who is the instructor?

The instructor is SoapLab's co-founder; a pharmacist with 12 years working experience in clinical skin problem (dermatology) (6 yrs government and 6 yrs private)

Who Should Join This Class?

  1. Newbie who never did soap before
  2. Someone who is new in soap making (maybe done 1-2 soaps) and want to know in detail about additives like essential oil, fragrance oil, colors)
  3. Anyone who wants to know the basics in soap making
  4. Looking for a course for hobby.

Who Shouldn't Join This Course?

  1. Not a beginner
  2. Someone looking for formulation course (this doesn't teach how to come up with recipe. It just teaches basic knowledge and 30+ recipes to copy)
  3. Those who are looking for business class (we have different class for that)
  4. Those who dont like to read. The theory part in this course is all written in plain english. We prefer to write then using a video so that you could reread to understand. The science can get a bit confusing and so rereading will help.

If You Need more info:

After purchasing this course; once payment is received by us; we will send you an email with password and link on how to join the course.
Once signed it; you are free to change the password.

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