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How to make Natural Shaving Cream in Malaysia

Bagaimana Membuat Krim Pencukur Natural Di Malaysia

Bagaimana membuat krim pencukur naturl di Malaysia
How to make shaving cream natural in malaysia

Todays post will guide you on how to make your very own natural shaving cream.
This shaving cream is meant to be for both man and women, and it can be used to before shaving on the affected area. Basically you apply this shaving cream on the area you want to shave like a cream after wetting your body ( usually done during shower time) and shave. Wash off the cream after using.
now since im using it during shower, i would prefer my cream to be 'soapy'. But at the same time i want something thats moisturizing as well, making my skin feel silky smooth after shaving.
because of that i have come up with a formulation using two of soaplab's natural bases to create this. So how exactly did i do that? Read on..
Blog post kita pada hari ini akan menunjukkan anda bagaimana untuk membuat 'shaving cream'. Cream ini boleh digunakkan oleh perempuan dan lelaki, dan boleh digunakkan dimana-mana bahagian tubuh sebelum mencukur. Untuk menggunakannya, anda hanya perlu basahkan bahagian tubuh anda yang ingin dicukur, sapu cream ini, kemudian mencukur dan seterusnya membilas cream ini selepas itu. Saya selalunya mencukur bulu kaki apabila mandi, so kalau boleh i nak cream yang ada buih sikit (so rasa cam ia membersihkan) dan nak ada feel moisturized lepas bilas, jadi i pun buat cream yang ada buih untuk shaving cream ni. Camne i buat tu? Senang je baca kat bawah:

Ingredients i used: (bahan-bahan)

1. 100g Shea Olive Thick Cream (soaplab's handmade)
2. 50g Natural Potassium Cocoate ( Soaplab's Handmade; coconut soap)
3. 1mL Fragrance Oil ( about 20-30drops depending on how strong the scent you want)
4. 5-6 drops liquid color pigment ( depends how strong you want the color to be)

How To Make (Bagaimana Membuat)

1. Prepare all ingredients. Make sure your surrounding is clean and stearilized. Check this post on how to do so. Sediakan semua bahan2. Pastikan tempat kerja anda bersih dan telah disterilkan (click disini jika tidak pasti)
2. Add all ingredients into the thick cream base. Campurkan kesemua bahan kedalam thick cream base
3. Mix well till all incorporated. Campur sehingga rata
4. Done. Use it within 6 months. If you want the product to last longer it depends on how clean your surrounding is. You do not need to add preservatives as all the bases already have preservatives. But to be safe and keep the shelf life longer you can add between 0.5%-1% preservative depending on your preservative requirement. Siap! Masukkan kedalam bekas. Kalau boleh gunakana dalam masa 6 bulan. Anda tidak perlu tambah sebarang pengawet kerana base yang dibeli dr soaplab sudah ada pengawet. Namun demikian jika anda ingin shaving cream ni tahan lebih lama anda boleh menambah lagi pengawet tersebut.
prepare ingredients
Add Potassium Cocoate
Add fragrance oil or Essential oil
Add Colour
Mix Well
Ready! Pour into Containers

Hope you like this post and do try it out:-0 if you have any questions at all please leave a comment below. If you are interested to purchase individual ingredients, you can get it from Order Here on the menu bar or you can Contact us Here(mon-fri 10-4pm only)
harap2 you suka post ini and mencubanya. Jika anda mempunyai sebarang soalan sila tinggalkan commenct di bawah. Jika ingin membeli bahan2 ini, anda boleh membeli online disini ataupun anda boleh Contact us Here Dibawah ini kami juga mempunyai pakej set:
if you would like to purchase the individual kit, you can purchase from below:
* the kits will make you 150g of shaving cream:

P/S: We are no longer selling this Base. Full recipe on how to make this Base from Scratch is available for download here

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