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Weight VS Volume In Handmade Cosmetic Making

Berat VS Isipadu dalam produk kosmetik

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This is one of the most frequently asked question to our customer service department therefore i think its high time i address this issue in our blog:-)

Ini salah satu soalan yang memang kita selalu dapatla kat soaplab ni. Tiapa2 hari. So sebab tu i rasa memang kena tulis blog post untuk soalan ni.

Whats the difference?

It might look similar but its a lot of different when it comes to cosmetic making. In fact it may also cause problems and can be very dangerous if you do mot weigh it properly.

Weight is something that you will get when you use a digital scale, while volume is something u get when you use the jugs, cups etc. Most jars will give you volume in ml or L.

Apa bezanya?

Memang nampak sama kan Litre dan gram ni tapi sebenarnya banyak perbezaan.
Gram ni menggunakan berat manakala litre ni menggunakan isipadu.

Berat kita selalunya timbang menggunakan skala penimbang manakala isipadu ni selalunya menggunakan jag etc.

Why is there any difference?

Yes. A lot! Let me give you an example. Water la it will be the easiest thing to compare.

When you put normal water in a glass, and weigh example it gives you 1kg, volume, you will probably get 1L ( coz water density is 1. So Volume and weight is the same. Not all liquid is like this. Oils etc has different density so L and Kg wont be the same). But if lets say you put ice inside this same cup, what will you get? If you try to fill it up to 1kg, you will definately get more than 1L. Why? Coz ice expands, so it needs more mililitre to get the same weight.

Same goes to cotton for example, 1kg or cotton, because its so light, it will give you maybe 10-20L of the same cup. But in terms of weight it will be the same as the water.

Ada beza ke kalau guna isipadu dalam membuat kosmetik ni?

Banyak sangat bezanya. Katakanla you ambik berat air, dan isipadunya pun you akan dapat sama (air je satu satunya benda yg isipadu dan berat sama. Minyak pun berlainan ya) dan u masukkan ke dalam cawan. Okla kan?
Tapi katakan air ni u jadikan ais dan ambik berat nya sebagai satu kg, tapi masa u masukkan kedalam cawan, u perlukan mungkin 10cawan la kan untuk dapatkan 1kg tu? Padahal benda sama seperti air tadi.

Samala seperti kapas. 1 cawan air tadi akan bagi u 1 kg air, tapi 1 cawan kapas akan bagi you mungkin 5gram berat. Susah kan nak kira? Kalau cawan saiz lain camne pulak? Lagila susah. So untuk menyenangkan hidup, lepas ni kalau ada nak buat kosmetik kat rumah ni, ukur semua benda dalam berat. Jangan guna litre atau cawan lagi.

What if the recipes give me measurement in 'cups'?

Run away!. I know there are many recipes out there thats in 'cups' and 'spoons' but unless you are using the same cups and same spoon measurement, you might get a wrong mixture and this will end up giving a problem in the long run. Of course if you are just making soap base with color and fragrance, or if you are just making mixture of oils for message oil lets say, it doesn't really make any much difference. But if you are using emulsifier or lye or even preservative; you must make sure your recipe is accurate or these things wont work (or you don want to overdose yourself with these) and the only way to get an accurate recipe is by using weight.

Kalau resipi yang i tengok online tu gunakkan cawan (cups) camne?

Lari atau cari resipi lain hehe. Bukannya apa, kebanyakkan resipi online ni memang kebanyakkannya menggunakan cups atau sudu untuk ukur. Kalau nak buat benda senang senang cam minyak message, campur beberapa minyak je, ataupun ukuran sudu untuk masukkan pewangi kat dalam soap base tu takpe la. Tapi katakan la u nak buat proses saponifikasi, ataupun nak buat lotion, atau nak masukkan pengawet, semua ni perlukan ukuran yang tepat kalau tak bahaya, dan produk you pun takkan menjadi kan bazir. So cara terbaik untuk ukur ialah menggunakan berat ya.

So to summarize, if you are going to be making your own cosmetic products, invest in a good digital scale. Yes you can also get those kitchen scales as long as its digital:-)

If you have any further question, please feel free to leave a comment below. Thank you for reading:)

Kesimpulannya, kalau u nak buat produk kosmetik sendiri, pastikan anda membeli digital scale. You boleh dapatkan dimana-mana pun. Kedai kek le lazada ke. Asalkan digital ok.

Jika ada sebarang pertanyaan, sila tinggalkan komen dibawah saya asakn menjawab secepat mungkin. Terima kasih kerana membaca soap lab malaysia:-)


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