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Help: I Don't Have Money To Start Business

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i dont have capital to start my business

Here is one of the problem some of our group members from the entrepreneur group has; not having enough funds to start a business.

You need Money to Start Business

Most of the time; my advice would be to find a job that will give you enough to cover your expenses and extra to be reinvested into your business.

When you start a business; no matter what people say; its not a get rich quick scheme. Although you do not need huge capital like other investments like stock market or real estate, you still need enough fund to grow your business. You definitely cannot start from zero. You need some funds.

So because of that; you must have a job that pays well and use that little extra you can save to reinvest into your business.

Can't Seem To Save with any pay? Take a look at your expenses!

If you cant; its time to look at your expenses. You may not realize this but there may be something that you don't need to spend on and probably are. your expenses is your main culprit here; not your pay. There are people who gets paid a lot and still cant save; and there are some who gets low pay but has higher savings. Why? Its because of your expenses.

Let me tell you what were the expenses that i had to adjust for a year:
1) i stop Astro subscription and switched to iflix instead (i dont watch much tv. I read more instead).
2) I stop going out for dinner. No more outside Food
3) i stop buying makeup and made it myself instead.
4) I stop buying new clothes for a year.
5) I bought my groceries from wet market instead of supermarket
6) i went all Malaysian products only. No fancy food and snacks
7) i reevaulted if i bought something; if it doesnt make me money i dont buy it.

As you can see; its minor adjustments but it gave me 20-30% of savings from my salary that i could use to reinvest into my business. 100% frugal mentality at that time. My government salary was RM3500 at that time and i saved at least RM1000 to reinvest.

Short Term Sacrifice

I know its hard but think about it as a short time sacrifice. After 3 years i can now buy whatever i want ( but i dont because not buying things is already a habit: more savings for me!)

All im saying is try to take a look at your expenses; if its something that is not gonna make you money; don't buy it unless its life and death situation. If not keep it on hold till you have the excess money later. Its just for a short time guys! Life will be better once your business starts working!

Part Time Job

If you really cant save after this tips; look for higher paying job or do part time somewhere or become some product's agent first. There are thousands of ways to make money. You have just got to put in the effort and do it.

Whatever it is make it a habit to : SAVE MONEY FIRST before getting into a business. Without the extra fund you business will not be able to grow.

In business its not about STARTING a Business (anyone can start) its about SUSTAINING the business and the most important backbone to do that is CASHFLOW (ie: funds)

If you would like to learn more about business and strategies or even have a community of like minded people (most of them are moms with kids who wants to 'retire' to have more time with their kids); Join our Entrepreuner Group Here. Its not a get rich quick group but it does its job to help you to quit your job and work from home with more quality time with your kids. See you there.



  1. Hai nisha. How about i have money but i dont know how to turn it into business. I cant decide which product i want to sell. Can you help me?

    1. hi. actually if the problem is you dont know how to start you can actually join our entrepreuner grp here in FB: https://www.facebook.com/groups/190861008094251/

  2. Hi nisha.. I couldnt find the group link


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