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I Dont know how to market my Product. Help!

One of the commonly asked question in our entrepreuner coaching group is this: that you do not know how to market your product; hence you are not selling your product.

Problem Problem Problem

Its frustrating i know; when you have made your products, you have done your packaging nicely, you hired some designer to create your gorgeous logo and namecards and when you try to sell, no one wants to buy.

You think that paying facebook boost might help in 'boosting' your sales only to end up with dissapointment and wasting more money.

So what do you do then? Most of you; you will too; QUIT!

Don't Worry! Nisha is here :-)

But let me teach you another method. It may not make you millions initially and it can take some time to reach that goal of millions but; it will give you a business you are proud off and something that will give you more time and money to eventually quit your 9-5 job.

To know more about this method; i suggest you join our Entrepreuner Coaching group as i have explained it in FB Live video. Its completely free to join so you can click here.

Some of the problems addressed:

1) How to market/ be visible
2) How to solve problem
3) How to get noticed
4) How to get repeated buyers.

To know more;click here.

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