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Jojoba Shampoo (Daily Use)

For today's recipe we will be making Jojoba Daily Use Shampoo
Jojoba is one of those oils that is similar to our scalp sebum. This means that ifyou wanted to add some oil in your shampoo or hair care product that you want to use daily; this will be a better choice for oils. It wont be too 'heavy' and at the same time your hair will not feel as oily as if you used another type of oil like castor or coconut oil on your hair.

We are also adding D-Panthenol and glycerin in this shampoo because these ingredients are great moisturizer therefore it will also act as 'conditioner' in this shampoo.
If this is the first time you are making these handmade soaps; i woudl suggest that you stop here and read these post first:

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Now that you know what precautions you have got to take; lets take a look at the recipes.

Ingredients needed:

1) 300g of Soap Lab Malaysia's Castile Liquid Soap Base
2) 50g Jojoba Oil
3) 15g D-Panthenol
4) 20g Vegetable Glycerin
5) 15g Fragrance Oil of Choice

How To Make:

1) Measure all ingredients in clean utencils
2) Pour Castile Liquid Soap Base in a mixing container
3) add all the oils and other liquids and mix.
4) add Fragrance Oil and mix
5) store in air tight container. This shampoo can be quite 'runny' as compared to regular shampoo. Its the best to store it in spray bottle or foam making bottles.

Video on how to Make:

Who is this suitable for?

This shampoo is suitable for those with dry to normal hair. It can be used daily.

Can i Sell these?

Yes these are tried and tested formula. However, because the formula is quite 'runny' it maybe difficult to convince customers to purchase it. If you have this problem; i suggest you store it in a spray bottle and get the customers to spray on hair and scalp; message it and rinse it instead of selling it as a regular shampo.
If you want to thicken this shampoo you can do it using this method. click here

How Do I Sell this?

If you need help on starting up or not sure how to start etc; we have an entrepeuner coaching group that you could join here for free. This group is suitable for those who have not started a business, or who have started a business and are making RM 50k below a month.

How to purchase the ingredients?

To purchase the ingredients you can either purchase through thiswebsite here or you could Contact us Here  Please allow 24-48 hours for us to reply your order as we have many whatsapp enquiry daily. The fastest way would be to purchase via the website.

If i have more question?

If you have more questions regarding product making or you want to ask something about the ingredients or if you would want to change the recipes here to something that will suit your business; you could join ourFacebook Formulating Advice Group Here (monthly subsription service)
If you want to request for a certain blog post/ article/ How To Videos; you could submit your questions here.

Thank You for Reading;

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