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How To Choose Scent for My Product?

Well if you are getting fragrance for your own use then just go with whichever scent appeals to you.

But if you are doing business and selling to end customer, there is some strategy to this.

First and foremost, decide who your target market is & age group as well.

Why? Because it is a scientific fact & as well as from our experience with customers that we know each gender & age group has a general scent they gravitate to.

For example; if women ages 40 above, prefer herbal smelling products.

Age 25 and below prefer fruity or fun scents.

The age between 25 to 40, there is a mix of appeal. Some like the herbal others fruity, or rather the more exciting and not usual safe scents. They like to explore.

For men, they prefer mellow fragrances & masculine ones. (Maybe some guys like fruity ones, but that would be those on the youth side)

So what scents are we referring to for the when we say herbal, fruity and others?

(Take note, there is a BIG difference between essential oils & fragrance oils.
Click here to read more on this.)


This usually refers to classic essential oils like lavender, tea tree, chamomile, Rose, lemongrass and those similar.
You can find these scents in most of popular mass products, especially commercial ones.
These fragrances are quite predictable in that they are common and safe.
They have a mellow scent usually.


These refer to fragrances such as green apple, strawberry, pineapple and so many more. They tend to have high notes and fun scents.
When making products for young people in mind, one should go for these fragrances as they represent a youthful appeal.


The fragrances here would usually be more to musky, woody or simple clean fragrances. Guys usually don't like complicated scents.

We hope the above gets you to start thinking of how to position yourself in the market you have targeted.
Do take note as well that fragrances are one of the most important factor when it comes to selling your product.

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