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How To Thicken Liquid Soap using Natural Thickener (Guar Gum)

Hi all.
Today ill be talking about how to thicken your liquid soap. 
Previously i've mentioned on how to thicken liquid soap using Table Salt and Borax here.

However, many don't like using salt because its 'unpredictable' and it doesnt thicken soaps with high quantity of coconut oil in it. Its more stable and predictable for softer oils like olive oil and soybean oil etc. 
Borox on the other hand is not 'natural' and it can be quite difficult to obtain it in Malaysia due to the regulations around it.
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So in today's post ill teach you guys on how to thicken handmade liquid soaps using Guar Gum. Guar gum is naturally derived and it has a tendency to thicken better than 'starch' (tepung ubi kayu). Its used in many food industries and is sold widely. However; if you are using guar gum in cosmetics; always use cosmetic grade because they are finer in particle size and it will give you a 'smoother' finishing. Yes it can be expensive but its worth it! and you don't have to use much:-)

Lets take a look on how to make it. But before that: 

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Now that you know what precautions you have got to take; lets take a look at the recipes


1) 250g Castile Liquid Soap Base  (by Soap Lab Malaysia)
2) 2.5 g Natural Guar Gum (Cosmetic Grade)
3) 10g Vegetable Glycerin 

How To Make:

1) Wet the guar gum with vegetable glycerin and leave for 15 minutes. You do this to allow the guar gum to expand.
2) Add Guar gum mixture into the Liquid soap base
3) Mix well (slowly to avoid bubbles formation)
4) Heat soap base in microwave for 30 second. You want the temperature to be around 50- 60 degrees Celsius.
5)Mix well and allow to cool down to room temperature
6) It will thicken and its ready to use.

Video on How To Make:


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