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Monday, 14 August 2017

Solid Soap Base & Liquid Soap Base Supplies In Malaysia

Hi. Welcome to SoapLab Malaysia. You can purchase the Soap Bases below.

But before that if you are new to soap-making you want to read this:

We are an online store that educates on how to make soap and other Fresh Natural Skincare, as well as sells supplies to make these at homw.

Since you are here looking for soap bases; have you made soap before?

If you have never made soap before but want to learn about soapmaking; i suggest you download this Free Ebook we have here so that you can understand better about soapmaking.

Soapmaking; may look difficult but once you learn about it; you will definatly get hooked to it just like how i got hooked to it:-)

To download the ebook; simply add this to cart; and use code: LIQEBOOK to get it for FREE.


use code: LIQEBOOK to get it for FREE.

Buy Here:

Solid Soap & Liquid Soap Bases, 

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Color Pigments for SoapMaking

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Fragrance Oil (Promo Price) 

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Essential Oil Promo Price 

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Other Skincare Base:

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