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Solid Soap Base & Liquid Soap Base Supplies In Malaysia

Hi. Welcome to SoapLab Malaysia. You can purchase the Soap Bases below.

But before that if you are new to soap-making you want to read this:
We are an online store that educates on how to make soap and other Fresh Natural Skincare, as well as sells supplies to make these at home. All our soap-bases are handmade and formulated by our founder; a pharmacist with 12 yrs working experience in compounding for skin diseases. 

Since you are here looking for soap bases; have you made soap before?

If you have never made soap before but want to learn about soapmaking; i suggest you download this Free Ebook we have here so that you can understand better about soapmaking. (BELOW)

Soap-making; may look difficult but once you learn about it; you will defiantly get hooked to it just 
like how i got hooked to it:-) You can always WhatsApp us if you don't understand

To download the ebook; simply add this to cart; and use code: LIQEBOOK to get it for FREE.


use code: LIQEBOOK to get it for FREE.

Buy Here:

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