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Lye For SoapMaking in Malaysia

Hi. Welcome to SoapLab Malaysia. You can purchase the lye below. 

But before that if you are new to soap-making you want to see this:

We are an online store that educates on how to make soap and other Fresh Natural Skincare, as well as sells supplies to make these at homw.

Since you are here looking for Lye; have you made soap before?

If you have never made soap before but want to learn about soapmaking; i suggest you download this Free Ebook we have here so that you can understand better about soapmaking.

Soapmaking; may look difficult but once you learn about it; you will definatly get hooked to it just like how i got hooked to it:-)

To download the ebook; simply add this to cart; and use code: SOAPEBOOK to get it for FREE.


If you want to make Cold Process Soap but not sure what lye is and how to use it; click on the article below to find out more:

  1. What is Lye and is it Natural?
  2. How to use Lye Safely
  3. How to mix lye solution

If you want to proceed to try making cold process soap; here are some recipes you could check out:
  1. How To Make Skin Brightening & Whitening Natural Soap in Malaysia (Lemon Aid Soap Bar)
  2. Cold Process Soap How To Make: Pitahiya (Dragonfruit) Inspired Soap
  3. Cold Process Soap: Mangosteen Inspired Soap Malaysia (Recipe Guide on How To Make DIY)
  4. DIY: Papaya Inspired Soap (Cold Process Method) in Malaysia
  5. How To Make: Brazilian Guava Inspired Cold Process Soap in Malaysia
  6. How To Make: Breast Milk Soap in Malaysia

And if you know all these; and you are ready to make your own soap and require lye; you may purchase the LYE here. If you need any help for these recipes etc; please Contact us Here

Bare in mind there are some T& C for purchasing LYE in Malaysia and we need some identification from you for it:

T&C To Purchase Sodium Hydroxide in Malaysia

In order to purchase Lye we require your IC and Full Name. We will be submitting your information to the enforcement officer when its required.
Please do not place order if you are not comfortable to share your details with us. There is no negotiation when it comes to purchase Lye in Soap Lab.

Maksimum purchase per IC is 1kg/month. Must purchase RM 50 above from Soap Lab to purchase this (Not including NaOH/KOH). 
RM 50/500g. 
Maximum 1 kg/month. 
Orders will be cancelled automatically if you do not follow this! 

(WHOLESALE Members*/ Class students** no minimum purchase. Maks 5kg per month)


NaOH & KOH is used for a lot of illegal activities. We need to ensure that the person who is purchasing from us are soap makers. Therefore if you are not a wholesale member/class student/ frequent buyer in soaplab. You must purchase RM 50 above for every 500g of NaOH/ KOH. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused. 

Why do I Need to Submit this Information?

What is NaOH/ Lye/ Caustic Soda

This is a chemical that is used to create the awesome thing called soap through a chemical reaction called Saponification.

What is the difference between NaOH and KOH?

Click here to read more about this

Is it in Liquid Form or Flakes? Or Powder?

Its in Flakes form, with purity of 99%.

Do I Need to learn anything about handling it?

Yes you do. Please Click here to download our Lye Agreement. When you purchase the NaOH/KOH, we assume that you have agreed to the Lye Agreement. Buy this product at your own RISK!

Do You Ship it Internationally.

No we don't. For those who are not from this country will have to purchase it from Malaysia and ship it on their own.

* Wholesale Member: Those who have purchased RM 1000 above in a single reciept from Soap Lab Malaysia before
** Students: those who have attended soap class in Soap Lab Malaysia before.

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