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Basic Unscented Cold Process Soap Recipe (For beginners in Malaysia)

Cold process soap, lye, NaOH, sodium hydroxide
Unscented Cold Process Soap Malaysia

Hi all.You probably would have noticed that this week i spoke all about making cold process soap.Just to recap; this is what you should read before reading this
1)How Sensitive Skin Happens
2) How Soap Causes the Sensitive skin
3) What is Lye and is it Natural?
4) How to use Lye Safely
5) How to mix lye solution
Today we will be talking about how to make a basic cold process soap that is suitable for normal and sensitive skin.
When it comes to cold process soap making; you use natural oils to make the soap as compared to normal commercial soap or glycerin soap base that uses surfactants like SLS and SLES. i wont go into details what these ingredients do to sensitive skin but you can read all about it in the link above.
Now lets talk about the oils. Oils can be vegetable oil or animal fats. Since we in Soap Lab Malaysia are vegetarians; we prefer to use vegetable oils.
Vegetable oils can be olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil etc. Each oils have got different kind of characteristics that will give the soap its hardness, cleansing effect, bubbles and so on.
In this basic recipe; ill share with you my favorite 'low cost' recipe which is a mixture of olive oil, Coconut oil, Palm Oil and castor oil.
This oils are good to give a great quality to my soap. It creates a soap that is hard, moisturising and yet cleanse our body well as well. The bubbles are also great.

The Ingredients:

SoapLab's Oil Mixture 250g (Contains: Olive oil, Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Castor Oil)
Lye (NaOH) for solid soap 36g
Water 100g

The Equipments

1) Handblender or egg whisk (better a handblender because its faster)
2) 3 Containers (anything that is microwavable)
3) Small Stirrer (stainless steel)
4) Spatula (silicone based)
5) Mold
6) Digital Scale

How To Make?

1) Dilute lye into water following this method:
2) Mix all the oils together in a container
3) Add (1) into two and mix till thickens to pudding like state
4) Pour into mold and tap the mold to release air bubbles
5) leave for 24-36 hours. Unmold and cut using regular knife
6) leave it to dry fully (cure) in open area for 4-6 weeks. Its ready to use after that.


Can i Change the recipe for Oils?

For cold process soap unfortunately you cant change the recipes for oils without running it through the soap calculator here. Every oils requires different lye amount. Slight change can make a huge impact on the final quality of the soap. If you want to change do it at your own risk. If you would like to learn how to formulate (ie change the recipes) we have a online soap class conducted via facebook that you could join here. Its a business class (more for those who wants to start a business in soapmaking because we cover marketing As well)
Next week ill teach you guys on how to make Scented Cold Process Soap using essential oils and fragrance oils. Do check it out..
Thank You For reading;

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