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How To Make Lye Solution for Cold Process Soap

In today's post ill be talking about how to mix lye with different liquids. Now before we go into details about this; do take a look at yesterday's post on lye safety handling here. You must always handly it cautiously as its very caustic and can burn if not handled properly.

So for the mixing lets first take a look at how to mix lye with water. When lye touches any liquid; it creates a reaction that heats up the whole solution to 100 degrees. Therefore you will have to check what kind of liquid you are mixing lye with.

Because water doesnt burn at 100 degrees; its ok to mix lye and water at room temperature. Upon mixing the lye solution will heat up therefore make sure you handle it with care.
Below is a video on how to mix lye and water. Easy..

The next liquid you would like to mix with lye will be other liquids like milk, juice, coffee etc.
Now these liquids are mostly easily burned at 100 degrees. Therefore when mixing with lye, you need to freeze it first and it requires the mixing container to be surrounded by ice to make sure the solution doesnt heat up. Below is the video on how to do this. When you freeze the juices, and make sure there is ice bath surrounding it, the lye solution would not get higher than 40 degrees therefore the solutions wouldnt burn.

So now that you know how to mix lye solution; tommorow ill be talking about how to make a basic cold process soap.

Thank you for reading;

How To Mix Lye & Water for Cold Process Soap:

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