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Success Story: How Our Customers Started Business by Selling Soap

So today, I am going to talk about a few success stories from my own students who has joined my class and now they are successful business owners. Due to confidentiality and privacy reasons, I am unable to disclose their names and their business as well.

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So one of my student named Ahmad came to my class one and the half years ago. As for Ahmad he was doing “Sabun bidara”, his soap was focused on the Muslim market.

The purpose of the soap is for cleaning up the dead body before they bury them. So he used to sell it for that purpose. He was only focusing on selling that one product, he managed to sell about RM30K to RM50K within 3 months, and his price is about RM30 for one. If you think about it, he is making about RM200K a month.
So imagine if you earn about RM200K a month and your profit is about 50% of it, you actually have about RM100k. Therefore, ask yourself what do you do with that amount of money?

This is why I said cash flow is important (in my previous post) because with that RM100k you can do more with advertising your product or even giving a big bonus to your agents or sales agents so that they get more motivation to sell more or alternatively you can get into a different kind of product line – provided you are already well known in the market with an established product.


Another girl called Siti, she came to my class last year. Prior to that Siti was purchasing materials from us and then she started her business selling soap.

Within 3 months, she started making a lot to the extent where she had high cash flow where she could afford to have nice packaging for her products and she started bringing in a lot of other things.

Siti is on her way to hit RM5 million revenue soon and I can justify that based on the orders that she is making from us.

Judging from the two stories above, my advice to you would be to listen (of course!) and focus on marketing and finally diversifying the products.

So if you were to go into business and you haven’t thought about the products to make, I would suggest that you start with soap and if you want to know more about this we have an entrepreneur club – its free for anyone to join or you can google entrepreneur soap lab club to join! See you there.

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