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How To Make: Breast Milk Soap in Malaysia

Breast Milk Soap Malaysia
Hi all.
in today's How To Video ill be guiding you on how to make Breast Milk Soap.

I had this done 3 years ago when i started Soap Lab but i thought of doing another just to show you different variations to it. Here is the old post on this topic.

Now before we go into detail on this how tos; i suggest you read this first. Only use expired breast milk and not the fresh ones. Why? Click here to find out.

If this is the first time you are doing this cold process soap method; please read these first:
2) How Soap Causes the Sensitive skin3) What is Lye and is it Natural?4) How to use Lye Safely5) How to mix lye solution

Now that we are done there; lets talk about the recipes and how to. In this recipe im using the Breast Milk Soap Kit from Soap Lab Malaysia. (Scroll down for the kit)

Recipe/ Ingredient List:

SoapLab's Oil Mixture 250g
Lye (NaOH) for solid soap 36g
Frozen Expired Breast Milk 100g

Chamomile Essential Oil 16g (if your baby is below 1 year old dont add this) Click here


1) Handblender or egg whisk (better a handblender because its faster)
2) 3 Containers (anything that is microwavable)
3) Small Stirrer (stainless steel)
4) Spatula (silicone based)
5) Mold
6) Digital Scale


1) Dilute lye into Breast Milk following this method:
2) Mix all the oils together in a container
3) Add (1) into two and mix till thickens to pudding like state
4) Pour into mold and tap the mold to release air bubbles
5) leave for 24-36 hours. Unmold and cut using regular knife
6) leave it to dry fully (cure) in open area for 4-6 weeks. Its ready to use after that.



For cold process soap unfortunately you cant change the recipes for oils without running it through the soap calculator here. Every oils requires different lye amount. Slight change can make a huge impact on the final quality of the soap. If you want to change do it at your own risk. If you would like to learn how to formulate (ie change the recipes) we have a online soap class conducted via facebook that you could join here. Its a business class (more for those who wants to start a business in soapmaking because we cover marketing As well)


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