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How To Make Cream Part 2: Good Manufacturing Practice & Equipments

Good morning all.
Today ill be continuing with part 2 of cream making online course. If you have not read our first post, click here.

So today i was suppose to talk about the water phase but then i realised that many don't know the equipments one need to use in making cream or any other skincare therefore let me cover it briefly here.

For the equipments needed its usually the usual kitchenware. In this case; when making cream you will need a bowl, a mixer, a hand blender, utensils like spoons and spatula, and containers or jars to keep you skincare end product; which in this case is cream.

Most of this thing should be stainless steel. But lately there are many silicone items available so you can use that too. Now why do i suggest using only these two and not plastics? Because you will have to sterilise them.

Most of the equipments you will be using are reusable therefore every time you want to make skincare; you will have to sterilise these equipments. To do this you basically boil the equipments like how you would boil baby bottles to sterilise them. You need to do this to avoid contamination and bacteria growth on your products. So the good manufacturing practice will be to sterilise everything that is going to be in contact with your product.

Now if lets say you cant sterilise the items. Maybe because its plastics, or maybe because its too huge to be sterilise (like cake mixer, or work bench or even your hands/ gloves); then you should kill the bacteria using rubbing alcohol.

Rubbing alcohol (the ones thats at least 95%-99%) are really good in killing bacteria so make it a habit to use them to sterilise your equipments and workbench before starting to make your products.

Now many have asked me before about the alcohol and would it be in the handmade skincare. The answer is no. When using alcohol to spray on your equipments you are basically using very very minimal amount. And since alcohol mostly gets evaporated out when you are making the products and heating the products; none will be left in your skincare product so you don't have to worry about it.

So this is waht you do before making your skincare product. Prepare Equipments and utencils. Boil to sterilise if you can; if not spray them with rubbing alcohol and leave it to 'dry' once all prepared you can start making your skincare product.

How About The Packaging?

If your packaging is new and from trusted source/ packaging companies; then you dont have to sterilize the packaging. However if you are reusing it (i wouldnt advice you to); then you have to sterilize them either by boiling or spray rubbing alcohol.

I hope this helps to clarify some of your doubts. Tomorrow ill be talking about the water phase in cream making.
Thank you for reading.

P/S: If you prefer to watch a video of me explaining this (in malay & english) click here

Thank you.


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