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How Breast Milk Made This Mummy Quit Her Job!

Hi Good Morning All;
Today I'm so excited to share with you a story about one of our long time clients. Its so exciting because she shared with us the journey and how it helped her to quit her job after 1 year and be a full time business women who stays at home

Mrs A (name is not revealed for privacy reason) was working in a bank as an accountant when she got her beautiful daughter; C. She was a very dedicated accountant and loved her job and the perks that it brought to her. She thought it was a dream job until she delivered her daughter. Like every mom; the bonding time she got with her daughter during the maternity break was so intense that she just couldn't bare the thought of leaving her daughter in the day care to go for work.
Mrs A would cry in the morning before sending her daughter, she will then cry on the way to work, and of course during work time; it was so difficult to concentrate because she was constantly worried about the safety of her daughter.

She met few moms in her workplace and they explained that its only for the next few weeks and the 'depressed' feeling will go away. So she waited. And started getting back into her old routine. But the 'worried' feeling never got away:-(

Until one day; 5 months later; her daughter got rashes. It was terrible and she tried everything in the market to reduce the rashes. She even met a dermatologist (skin specialist) but the rashes didnt go away. Everytime she stopped the steroid cream prescribed to her; the rashes came back. Thats when she decided to go into alternative route and came to us.

After come consultation with us; she decided to start with soap since soap is usually the culprit to problematic skin. (click here to find out more). Since she had excess breast milk; she decided to start making breast milk soap.

Breast Milk soap contains high content of breast milk that is filled with antibodies to protect your child against viruses and bacterias. It has high content of vitamins and minerals that prevents inflammation from rashes; and is also protects your child from getting allergic reactions.

So due to this; after making her own BM Soap using cold process soap method; Baby C's rashes reduced and didnt come out as often as usual until one day; there werent any at all!

She was so excited about this and told this to anyone and everyone who would listen to her. Fortunately for her; this made people aware of it and mums started placing orders with her to make the BM soap for them using their BM.

Initially it started out as a small service she was doing them but after some time; it spread so fast and she started getting a lot of orders all around Malaysia.

Just 6 months into the business she used to get 5-6 orders a day that translated it to a sales of RM 900-RM1000/ day. Now thats RM 30'000 a month and RM 360'000 a year of revenue! thats a lot!. So finally because of this; she had to quit her job; hired help and now is on her way to make her first 1 million of sale! Im sure with the steps she is taking to do this she will reach it!

Good Luck A:-)

Now if you wanted to do this too and need some help; Join our SoapLab Club. Its the place where people who are newbies wanting to start their online Business. Its completely FREE and this is where i would personally guide you on how you make RM 1000 on the side.

Thank you for reading;


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