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How To Make Lotion Part 2- Water Phase

Hi good morning. Today we will be talking about the water phase in making lotion. If you have not read about our previous post on making lotion; stop reading this and click here.

As mentioned in yesterday’s post; the water phase is one of the crucial ingredient in lotion making.

What is Water Phase?

water phase is any liquid that is water soluble and can be addded into lotion making. Usually the water phase is about 70-80% in lotion. This is the phase you would want to maximize the added nutrients since this is the phase that is the most in the lotion. However; since its water soluble phase; most ingredients added into this phase is easily ‘spoilt’ therefore make sure the added ingredients has high shelf life before adding in.

The common things added into this water phase are:

1) Water

water is the simplest thing to add into lotion without making it expire fast. Usually the water added is distilled water. Do not add tap water or RO water or mineral water. Only Distilled water. This can be easily found in grocery store. Look for the mineral water section that says its distilled water.

2) Floral Water/ Hydrosol

this is the second common thing added in lotions. Floral water are water made from flowers like rose water, lavender hydrosols etc.

Unfortunately though; im yet to find one that is stable in this weather (Malaysia). Ive seen thousands of recipes in west using floral water and most of my formulator friends in the west dont have a problem using this in their lotion. For me on the other hand; i cant seem to get it right and most floral water (from different suppliers around the world) shortens my lotion’s shelf life tremendously. The longest it could survive was 3 months while the ones without floral water (using only distilled water) survived for 12 months.

I then made a conclusion that the problem is our weather. Its a perfect temperature for molds and bacteria to grow and maybe thats why; the lotion with floral water is problematic. I’ve decided not to try anymore using floral water. Therefore if you want to try it out; do make it at your own risk and its the best to send your lotion for microbial studies in any lab around your house for bacteria and mold count after. 2-3 months.

Do not SELL any of your lotion with floral water before doing this. Be a RESPONSIBLE SELLER!

3) Extracts

Extracts are active component from a plant that is taken out from a known herb or plant. Extract as compared to floral water are more potent and might have medicinal values.

We usually use extract in the lotion’s water phase; replacing distilled water. Unfortunately extracts can be very expensive therefore we only use a certain percentage in the lotion (usually 5-20%) instead of the full lotion water phase amount.

Example of extracts are: witch hazel, Aloe Vera Extract, Green Tea Extract etc.

Extracts also comes in powder form therefore you can mix it with distilled water or glycerin first before adding it in.

4) Milk or Juices

Never add any of these food materials into your lotion’s water phase.
Food ingredients that will spoil in room temperature should not be added in. Its very easy to see what can be added and what not: just leave the juice / milk out and if you will not consume it after 2-3 days; then it should not be added into your lotion.

This is regardless you preserve it or not. You must not add any of these ingredients in.

How About Honey?

Honey as a whole its ok however in lotion there is water inside and usually honey when added to water its very diluted and diluted watered honey will spoil fast like other fresh ingredient.

Therefore; its not reccomended unless you replace the whole water phase with honey. But here is the problem; it can be sticky!

Click here to read more about adding Fresh Ingredients into Your Skin Care.

So here is all the information you need to start with making lotion ingredients: the Water Phase. Tomorrow i will talk about the Oil Phase.

If you would like to listen to me talking about this in a video click here.

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