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Can I Add Fresh Ingredients (Liquid) into the Soap Base?

Bolehkah Saya Menambah Bahan Segar (Cecair) Lain Ke Dalam Soap Base?

Bolehkah saya menambah bahan segar kedalam sabun saya

Can I add fresh liquid into the soap base? I would really like to add my breast milk into my soap base can I? These are the daily questions we get asked in Soap Lab. I’ve been meaning to write a post on this for months now however due to the two babies I have at home right now (my youngest being 2 months) I just couldn’t find the time to do it
So anyways back to this daily question.

Bolehkah saya masukkan cecair segar seperti 'juice' ke dalam sabun saya? Bolehkah saya memasukkan susu ibu ke dalam soap base saya? Ini adalah suata soalan yang banyak ditanya di soaplab. I memang nak tulis post ini dah lama dah tapi disebabkan dua orang anak yang masih kecil di rumah ni (anak kedua saya baru 2 bulan), macam tak sempat pulak nak tulis. Haish. so Anyway, balik kepada soalan cekup emas ni:

So can we add any fresh ingredients to the soap base?

Bolehkan saya memasukkan sayur atau juice segar kedalam sabun saya?

The answer is No. I know that you probably watched Lush’s manufacturing video several times and thinking about doing the same thing. But unfortunately unless you know what their secret recipe is to put in their fresh ingredients without spoilage and rancidity, I would advice you not to add any fresh ingredients into your soap base. This includes Breast Milk, Tomato Juice, Papaya Juice, Aloe Vera Juice and so on.

Jawapannya TIDAK! You mungkin telah melihat video-video seperti ini di dalam youtube dan nak buat benda yang sama tetapi ianya memang tidak boleh tahan di dalam sabun anda jika anda tidak 'masaknya' bersama sabun semasa membuat dari mula. (Soaplab yang memasakknya, bila anda mendapat soap base ni semuanya dah ready nak masukkan fragrance/ essential oil dan colour sahaja)So selagi anda belum dapat 'secret recipe' dari video video ini janganlah memasukkan sebarang barang yang segar. Ini adalah keranaya ianya akan rosak dan akan membawa lebih keburukkan daripada kebaikan keatas kulit anda. So benda benda segar seperti tomato, papaya, aloe vera, susu ibu, susu kambing dan segalanya tak boleh dimasukkan kedalam soap base ini. 



Simple. Will you consume any of these fresh ingredients if it was out in open after a week? No right? Because obviously it would be all moldy and disgusting looking! Well guess what? It’s the same in your soap! Just because you put in the little amount (which doesn’t give benefits anyway coz its so minute) and you cant see the direct effect, doesn’t mean its not there!

Senang je! Jika you meninggalakn barangan ini terdedah ke udara selama katakan seminggu, adakah anda akan memakannya? Tidak kan? ia akan berbau dan akan mempunyai tompok kulat hitam atau putih kan? Benda yang sama akan berlaku jika anda memasukkan bahan-bahan ini ke dalam soap base anda. Jika anda meletakkan sedikit you takkan nampak kulat itu untuk enam bulan. Itu tidak bermaksud ianya tiada di situ!

What if I put preservatives?

Boleh Tak Saya Meletakkan Pengawet?

If you put preservatives it may work. However preservatives are not strong enough to prevent it from spoilage. Preservatives are used to preserve ingredients after its made so that no new bacteria/ mold comes in provided it was made in sterile condition. It doesn’t really help if something that already contains bacteria and molds is put into the product (most fresh fruit already have existing microorganism in it. This varies from preservatives to preservatives) Click hereto find out more on preservatives

Ianya mungkin akan membantu sedikit. Namun demikian jika ianya nak rosak ia akan rosak jugak. Pengawet digunakkan untuk mengawet produk yang sedia ada 'bersih' supaya bakteria atau kulat baru tidak tumbuh. Namun demikian kebanyakkan bahan segar ni memang sudah mempunyai kulat atau bakteria. Oleh itu pengawet ini tidaklah begitu kuat untuk membunuh semuanya (bergantung kepada pengawet yang digunakan) Clik disini untuk mengetahui dengan lebih lanjut.

What should I do if I really want to put these ingredients? 

Apakah yang perlu saya buat jika ingin masukkan barangan segar ini?

If you really want to put in these ingredients, use the cold process soap making process instead. The reason they work in these methods is because the method itself kills most of the bacteria and molds that already exist in the base. Or get soap bases that are already incorporated with some of these ingredients.
Example in soap lab we have bases made from Aloe Vera extract, Papaya Extract and green tea extract. Or better still, learn more about safe ways to incorporating fresh ingredients in soap here.

Jika anda ingin memasukkan barangan segar ini cara terbaik ialah untuk membuat sabun cold process seperti ini. Kaedah ini adalah yang terbaik kerana NaOH akan membunuh kesemua bakteria dan kulat sebelum ianya dimasukkan kedalam sabun. Selain itu kerana ianya mempunyai pH yang agak tinggi; 8-9 (kulat dan bakteria kebanyaakkanya hanya hidup di pH 8 ke bawah), ianya selamat digunakkan. Ataupan dapatkan soap base yang sudah dimasukkan dengan bahan-bahan ini, seperti di soaplab kami mempunyai: Aloe Vera Base, Goats Milk Base, Papaya Base dan banyak lagi

Hope this helps:-0

Thanks for reading. For any further questions, kindly leave a comment. For additional formula information, kindly contact soaplabmalaysia@gmail.com. We offer formulation service one to one at low price starting from RM 500


  1. Thank you teacher! I make great income after learn from you. You will always be my forever teacher. :-)

  2. base soap biasa dicampur dgn serbuk kopi boleh tak?

  3. Handmade soap boleh cmpur dgn serbuk x?

  4. maaf mungkin sedikit off topic..tak tau nak tanya kat post yang mane..kalau saya nak buat homemade masker yang terdiri dari lemon juice dgn rose water je pun tak boleh simpan lama ke?letak dalam peti ais..sebab just google je resipinye hehe..tqvm

  5. Khatijah- yes
    Lilis- Apa-apa pun bahan makanan yang anda nak masukkan kedalam produk, anggap ianya makanan. Kalau u takkan makan selepas 3 hari di dalam peti ais, sama la master tu pun tak le guna lepas 3 hari:-)

  6. Dear Nisha,

    1. While I understand that products with fresh and wet ingredients if added will breed mold, can I use other food ingredients in my body scrub if they are already in powder form? Like turmeric/ cinnammon/ green tea powder etc...

    2. Will GROUND beans (for example red beans which i ground with a blender, no water just dried red beans like those bought from supermarket) breed molds if added into body products? Or I still need to bake those beans in the oven to ensure there is zero water content before grinding?

    3. How long can preservatives make my body scrub last from the day it is prepared?


    1. 1) you can but the moment it touches water it will get spoilt easily
      2) No it smells after a week. And it will grow sprouts
      3) for this you will have to read out post on Product expiry based on packaging. http://www.soaplabmalaysia.com/2016/12/how-to-determine-product-expiry.html

  7. Boleh x tambah madu ke dalam soap base?

    1. boleh tapi maks apa apa cecair pun pn boleh tambah 5% sahaja.
      Maksudnya: kalau Honey + essential oil + apa2 cecair/extract= 5% sahaja.

      paling ok kalau puan dapatkan soapbase honey sebab yg tu dah mmg tambah banyak madu (dimasak bersama so kami tambah banyak)

  8. Hi,jika soap base campur dgn sebuk susu kambing,boleh tahan ke

    1. hi boleh tapi pastian tak kena air. lepas kena air kena habis dlm masa sebulan kalau tak rosak.

  9. Hi nisha.
    I've read some soap makers from other country made soap bars using dried flowers and grated lemon and lime using mp method. I would like to try them out but obviously they are foods that can be rotten too. What say you?


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