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How To Make: Aloe Rose Skin Soother Soap

Hi good morning all

Today ill be showing you guys how to make a soap that will work for those with problematic skin especially those with eczema or very dry skin.

Rainy days are here and its time that all kind of skin flare starts. Happens to me as well since ive suffered from eczema for years.

Every time it rains i get this flare on my skin and it itches like crazy! So this time i decided to make this soap Aloe Rose Soap for myself.

In this soap we are adding Aloe Vera Extract to the already filled with aloe vera soap base (double dose!). Aloe vera is known to be remarkable to itchy skin so i thought why not add double dose for faster action:-)

The next thing i added into this soap is geranium rose essential oil. I just love the smell of geranium rose. And on top of that; it also minimises inflammation. When one gets eczema, your skin is basically inflamed. this will help to reduce.

Of course geranium rose also works as skin brightener so thats added bonus in this soap:-)


1) Reduce Inflammation
2) Reduce Itchiness
3) Brightening
4) Suitable for Sensitive Skin
5) Suitable for Problematic Skin like Eczema, Psoriasis etc.


1) SoapLab's Aloe Vera Soap Base
2) Geranium Rose Essential Oil
3) Aloe Vera Extract 
4) SoapLab's Peach Pink Mica Colour

How To Make Video:

Download Full Recipe With Ingredients:

Purchase Starter Kit:

Starter Kit includes:
1) All Ingredients 
2) PDF File step by step method to make
3) Full recipe download (PDF)

Thank you for reading. 

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