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Tuesday, 7 November 2017

How To Make: Flu Away Soap

Hi good morning.

Today's How To series will be teaching you guys how to make a soap that can be used for those who has flu or sinus every morning.

If you are anything like me and my hubby; we have sinus and unfortunately we get it every morning: Terribly. Ive used all kind of natural and modern medicine but nothing worked.

Eucalyptus oil is said to help reduce the occurrence of sinus and luckily for us it did help slightly.

In today's How To DIY series ill teach you how to incorporate this eucalyptus Oil into your soap so that it works as a sinus/ flu away oil and at the same time since its a 'soap', it will be longer on your skin so you can inhale the essential oil through out the day:-)


1) SoapLab's 3 Butter Soap Base
2) Eucalyptus Essential Oil (Skin Safe by SoapLab)
3) Peacock Green Color Pigment (Skin Safe by SoapLab)

How To Make Video:

To Download Full Recipe:

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