How To Make: French Rose Clay Soap

Monday, 6 November 2017

Hi all.
today we will be making rose clay soap.
This soap uses French Rose Clay that contains a lot of minerals and vitamins that are beneficial for the skin. If you want to read more about cosmetic clays; please read here.
French Rose clay is a mild version of kaolin clay. It has the ability to absorb impurities from the skin; such as oil, dirt and makeup; and it also exfoliates to give one’s skin to have youthful look. Because of these properties we decided to create an anti aging soap using this clay.
We also added rose patchouli into this soap. When using this soap; it will definately create a peaceful and calming scent to lift away your stress at work.

Benefits of this soap:

Anti-Aging, Calming


1. Soap Lab’s Goats Milk Soap Base
2. French Rose Clay
3. Patchouli Rose EO
4. Glycerin (to mix with rose clay)

Video On How To Make:

Full Recipe Download:

Thank you for watching.
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Nisha ;)

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