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Why I Wont Make My Own Product Brand

Hi all.
Some of you who knows me frm long time ago you know that ive joined a mentorship programme last year. 
Over the past year ive learned so much and ive shared whatever i think was beneficial for you here.
But there are somethings i never told you which i think its time i should.
When i go for these courses i see a lot of oppurtunities. I see people making millions in few months; i see people selling ‘chemical’ things and claim it as ‘natural’. 
I see people selling; doing crazy marketing just to sell.

There is even a story where someone claims that they got a whitening supplement from US and its natural and it works in 24 hours!
Crazy kan! You and i know that there isnt any ‘powerful’ fast acting natural ingredient as that and seriously! Y would anyone in US want to be white? They are already coming here to sunbathe coz they are that ‘white’!
But anyways; thats not the point: the point is: ive seen all and with the knowledge i have; and seeing how gullable ppl are; i know that i can do the same and make millions too! But i dont; because its not right and i believe in karma.
Then there was also suggestion that i should create my own natural products to sell; and i did give it a huge thought. And my verdict is: i wont do it! Why? Coz i created a platform for ppl to start business in natural product; and if i went in and did it; i would be disapointing these ppl. 
So for that: im not doing any products. The only product that i do is for skinpharmacy and that too because non pharmacy ppl cant do that product (you need medical licence to do it). 
But other than that; i would not do any brand for skincare product; other then to supplement and help the current busienss owners who are purchasing from www.soaplabmalaysia.com.
Now why am i ranting so much here?
The reason is coz i just wanted to tell you; as a supplier; i hv ur back. Ill would never want to do something that makes you loose the income you need for urself and ur family. Yes i need income too but not to a point of ‘crossing’ you, you have given me so much of trust and this is the least i could do to cover you. 
I want you to know that i am here for you and if you ever need someone you can count on in this journey of handmade skincare making and your business: here i am...
Love and hugs;

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  1. I have been reading your e-book on starting a business :) Thank you so much for sharing the links on your blog/website. I have read a lot of your articles but this e-book just listed down those I haven't!

    And thanks for assuring us that you have our backs :)


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