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You Are Not Able To Sell Your Product Because YOU ARE SELLING!

Thats right guys..
heres a three part video of me explaining why.

p/s: this video was done as a part of a group SoapLab used to run (no longer available) and i was very angry about the questions i had. so please forgive me if im really 'mean'

Hope It helps you:-)

Part 2:

Part 1:

Part 3:



  1. Hi, can't seem to view the videos here. Can you repost them please? Thank you so much! I've been learning a whole lot from your postings. Really impressed and appreciate all the effort you've put in.

    1. Hi serene. Im not sure why too. But no worries: we have this new free online class that you can view. It teaches all these and more. Click here to enroll ya. Its completely free. I had to redo some of my videos and put it in a proper system coz of these issues we are facing where ppl cant view etc:( sorry bout that: http://www.soaplabmalaysia.com/p/price-list.html?m=1#!/ONLINE-CLASS-Foundation-In-Business-For-Natural-Product-In-Malaysia-Finance-Regulations-&-Marketing/p/432557590/category=27053032


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