How To Make: Shampoo for Itchy & Flaky Scalp (Ultimate Itch & Flaky Therapy)

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Hi there, who here suffers from this annoying problem? We at SoapLab are here to help. Itchy hair can get in the way of your day and affect your mood and confidence. 

Itchy hair is commonly caused by the body’s way of responding to the irritation to the scalp. Normally, this will eventually leads to flaking and dandruff. 
Sometimes, dry scalp can also be the cause of itchy scalp. The way to combat it? Moisturise! Avocado Oil might just do the trick. Avocado oil contains mono-saturated fatty acid makes it the best oil for your hair. It has moisturising and conditioning effect and is rich in Vitamin E. Also, this promotes hair growth and healthier scalp. 

Sandalwood Essential Oil also can help cool down irritated scalp and remove dandruff. Apart from that, it smells awesome!

Tea tree Essential Oil is known for it’s anti bacterial properties and can help to reduce irritation to the scalp. Also it helps to sooth itchy scalp. No itch = no flakes. Tea tree oil is a great alternative to chemically loaded anti dandruff products.

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