How To Make: Super Shiny Mango Shampoo (Sun Damaged Hair)

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Who needs a shampoo that is uplifting and refreshing? Everyone! On top of that, shiny and healthy looking locks? Yes please :)

In today’s recipe you will be introduced to this awesome shampoo inspired from the famous tropical fruit, mango. Packed with natural goodness, pamper your hair without needing worry about harsh chemicals. 

Mango Butter is a luxurious butter originating from the kernel of mangoes. 

It helps protecting the hair from harsh weather and UV radiation. So if you’re always outdoors and under the sun, this is just he shampoo for you!

Mango Butter also has a natural property of being non greasy and easily absorbed by the skin, therefore this shampoo is also suitable for those will oily hair. 

Combined with Almond Oil that contains Omega-3 fatty acids which is essential for nourishing and shiny hair. 

Added to the mix is Vitamin E. This will help stimulate hair growth and is crucial in maintains happy & healthy looking hair. 

Watch Video On How To Make:

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1. Always test the product on your skin for allergic test first. Click here to find out how to do so

2. If you are selling this product, advice your consumers to do allergic test first

3. Make sure all your utensils and work surface is clean and sterilise as dirty area and utencils can reduce shelf life of scrub

4. Do not add in any Fresh ingredients that can spoil easily as this will reduce the shelf life of scrub. Click here to find out more

5. If putting on face, avoid citrus based or sandalwood essential oil as Malaysian weather will cause your skin to be easily sun burnt. Wear sun protection if add these Essential oils.

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