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Methods of Making Homemade Soap in Malaysia

Making your own soap whether to sell or for your own is quite simple and fulfilling. Quite a useful hobby to have like vegetable gardening or making your own furniture. When it comes to making soap, you might know that there are many different methods to making soap, but the most important before you start, is to understand the basics and the chemistry. After that, you can use just about any fragrance, extract and color you feel like. 

Soap is basically the result of a basic chemical reaction between fats and oils and lye. But, the actual proportions and recipes of creating the base will be what makes your soap better than the rest. The most popular methods of soap making is Melt and Pour or Cold Process. In our SoapLab blog, we try our best to show you all kinds of recipes and How To’s as well as some business tips so that you will not feel lost or confused in this homemade soap making journey.

When choosing between cold process or melt and pour you will need to look into the pros and cons of each and decide which is most suitable for you. In our post today, we will discuss further in detail about the difference between these two methods. Previously  we have blogged about the risks of using melt and pour (click link) , but this time we’ll do a side by side comparison. 


  1. Very simple to make
  2. No worrying about formulation
  3. Less time spent making and waiting for soap to be ready
  4. No need to handle lye

  1. No control over the ingredients and formulation
  2. Some manufacturers might add in chemicals to increase lather, etc. 


  1. Your soap is truly made from scratch yourself
  2. You can customize specifically for skin types 
  3. You control all the ingredients in the soap

  1. Have to learn to work with lye (click here to join classes)
  2. Consumes more time to prepare and cure
  3. More ingredients and tools to start (measuring tools etc) 

For some more in depth thoughts on these methods, click here to check out this post which is a beginner’s guide to understanding more about the soap types.  

Since we really do understand that formulating the soap in the cold process method can be quite difficult and sometimes we are all just lazy, Soap Lab has worked to come out with our own patented soap bases so that you don’t have to worry.  

You can read all about them here . So if you are a beginner and you simply want to test out how it feels like to use your own handmade soap, you can simply use the soap base for a melt and pour recipe. 


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