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Soaping 101 for dummies: beginners guide to soap making malaysia

Hi, welcome to soap lab malaysia, your one stop soap supply centre in Malaysia. Now my guess the reason why you are in this page is because 'duh'! You wanna know more about making soap.
There are many ways to make soap but here I'll be discussing about three main methods: melt and pour soap, cold process soap, and hot process soap.
Melt and pour soap is pretty straight forward. Get the soap base, melt it in the microwave, put in fragrance, color or additives, pour into mold, unmold after few hours, and tada! Your soap is done! There are two type of soap base available: transparent, and opaque. In soap lab malaysia, we have both. In addition we also have shea butter soap base, coconut olive oil soap base, honey soap base and goats milk soap base. If you are a complete begginer, we suggest you try this method first. Totally kids friendly so u can do this with your kids. Just make sure to supervise them especially when the soap is hot. We now have soap lab's handmade soap base that are as natural as it can be. way better than the commercial soap bases. Click here to find out more!    
Next soaping method is the cold process soap. Now this process is a little complicated unlike the melt & pour method. For this soap making process you need to use lye/ sodium hydroxide, a strong alkaline (pH14), oil and water/milk. In cold process, you will be making soap from scratch using oil ( any that you like). This is where the 'real' soap making experience starts. U start by mixing the lye with water, let it cool down to room temperature, mix it with oil until it reaches pudding like consistency, add in fragrance/color or other additives, pour in to mold, wait for 24 hrs, un mold and cut it, let it cure for 4-6 weeks then only you will be able to use it. Tedious? Yes! Satisfaction during bath: awesome! I mean come on! You are actually using your own handmade soap! It really feels great. However, be careful when you are using the lye. It's a toxic corrosive chemical therefore make sure you prepare yourself with safety gears first before you handle it. Want to try cold process soap? Check out our cold process soap kit. 
Now the third method, is hot process soap making. This is personally my favourite! Why? Coz it's exactly like cold process only in addition you will have to 'cook' the soap on the stove using a double broiler or crock pot. It's exactly how our great grandparents made their soap and I love it coz I can use the soap right away instead of waiting for 4-6 weeks. Also, it gives this rustic looking soaps that for m looks awesomely handmade. Check out the pictures attached. That's all the soaps I've made from the hot process method:)    
anyways, that's it for today. To sum up, basically there are three common ways to make soap. (Click on each link to read more on tutorials related to it)
All three have got its own pros and cons. Which method to do it depends on self preference. Whatever it Is it's still way better than using the commercialised detergent like soap:) 
 If there is any questions, feel free to drop a comment below     P/S: If you are ready to make soap; check out our free tutorial here
Till then, Happy Soaping! Hi. Selamat datang ke Soap Lab Malaysia. Di dalam post ini kami akan menerangkan kepada anda bagaimana membuat sabun. Jika anda tidak pernah mengetahui bagaimana untuk membuat sabun, post ini amat sesuai untuk anda.   Terdapat banyak cara untuk membuat sabun. Namun di dalam post ini saya akan menerangkan secara basic mengenai tiga cara membuat sabun iaitu sabun melt and pour , cold process soap, dan hot process soap. Melt and pour adalah salah satu kaedah membuat sabun dengan cara yang paling senang. Anda perlu mendapatkan soap base, selalunya lebih dikenali sebagai sabun glycerin di Malaysia, potong sebanyak mana yang you perlukn, leburkan selama 30 saat di dalam microwave, masukkan pewangi dan warna yang anda inginkan, masukkan kedalam acuan, dan selepas dua jam, tada! Sabun anda sudah siap! Soap base ini datang dalam perbagai 'jenis' seperti shea butter soap base, white soap base, transparent dan banyak lagi. Anda boleh mendapatkan soap base dari mana mana sahaja namun kami di soap lab membuat base ini sendiri. Anda boleh membaca mengenai soap base soaplab yang dibuat daripada 100% minyak sayuran disiniUntuk tutorial sila clik disini. Cara kedua untuk membuat sabun adalah melalui kaedah cold process soap. Cold process soap ini lebih merumitkan namun anda membuat base sabun ini sendiri dirumah dimana anda boleh 'control' baranagan yang dimasukkan kedalam sabun anda. Jika melt and pour ia adalah seperti maggi mee (semua sudah siap) cold process ini adalah seperti membuat mee goreng (kena masak sendiri). Cold process soap ini dibuat dengan memggunakan lye/ sodium hydroxide, bes (bahan kimia) yang sangat kuat dimana ianya mempunyai ph 14, yang akan dicampurkan dengan air dan minyak untuk membuat sabun. Untuk melihat tutorial bagaimana membuat sabun cp ini, andA boleh click tutorial disini. Kami juga mempunyai video yang anda boleh try. Semuanya free😊 Cara ketiga untuk membuat sabun ialah hot process soap. Ini adalah seperti cold process method tetapi anda perlu memasak sabun jika menggunak kaedah ini dan ianya adalah lebih rumit untuk dibuat berbanding dengan cold process method. Tapi yang bestnya anda boleh menggunakan sabun ini serta merta selepas ianya keras. Untuk melihat tutorial bagaimana membuat hot process method anda boleh click di sini. Thats all. Harap-harap post ni dapat membantu dalam menerangkan cara basic membuat sabun di Malaysia😀
Thank you for reading Soap Lab Malaysia.
If you are one of those who wants to understand why certain ingredient is in your skincare/ cosmetics, learn how to make and formulate your own cosmetics, do contact us on our next class. We also have business courses for those interested to start a business in handmade cosmetics. 

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