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Using Powdered Extracts in Homemade Natural Skincare! Malaysia

Hi everyone! Last week we had brought in some new and exciting addition to our product range. A lot of you have already started buying them, and a lot of you also had questions.. What is this.. Why use it… hahah.. We know, when so many of you have the same questions, blog post is the only answer. 

So what are the new products causing all this hype? It’s our range of powdered extracts. All natural of course and a lot of variety…. Tak percaya? We have peach, guava, pomegranate, sea kelp, strawberry, grapefruit and even pearl powder… all ready for purchase on SoapLab Malaysia 

This powdered extract actually makes your life so much easier. 

Why? They are a very standardised way to include herbal/natural ingredients into your products. 

Extracts are all formulated in a way that they have a consistent strength, unlike if you use fresh ingredients directly. 
Plus, fresh ingredients are generally not suitable if you are going to sell your products because they will spoil quite fast (click to read our explanation on this topic

With powdered extracts, you can get all the great benefits of these natural ingredients without worrying about preservation or spoilage. 

How are these extracts made? Well it depends on which one. For example the apple extract is dried parts of an apple then crushed into powder..Same with most of the other fruit and plant extracts too (okay, not so simple but that’s the basic of it).

Powdered extracts can be used in almost anything from lotions, soap, body conditioner, shampoo...name it. 

It’s also super convenient for those of you that are making small batch products because you only need small amounts of extract for the benefits they give. 

Super convenient and efficient way of getting the great benefits into your skincare.
So, stay tuned and we’ll be posting videos to show you all the amazing ways to use the new range of extracts when making homemade natural skin care products.  

But for now, you can check out our papaya extract recipes in the link below which we’ve loved using too!

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