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How To Thicken Liquid Soap Base: Using Crothix Pastilles

hi all.
today ill be showing you how to thicken liquid soap using crothix pastilles.

Now in the video below; ill be showing you guys how to thicken liquid soap using SoapLab's Coconut Liquid Soap Base but you can also use the same recipe for all type of liquid soap (castile etc)

To thicken liquid soap you need to:

  1. make your soap according to your recipe. You can also get free recipes here
  2. add your scents (Eo and Fo) 
  3. leave the soap for a day. it takes sometimes to see how the eo/ fo reacts to the liquid soap. Some will thicken some will make it more runny.
  4. Heat up soap solution (less than 50 degrees to make sure preservatives is not deactivated)
  5. add in cothrix pastilles (1-2% depending on how thick you want the soap to be)
  6. let it melt and mix
  7. ready to use once cool down

To view other methods to thicken liquid soap; click here:

  1. Thicken using borax & table salt
  2. Thicken using guar gum
  3. Thicken using liq crothix
  4. Thicken using SoapLab's Soap Base

Video How To Thicken:

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